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2 men accused of making threats in connection with the viral video of the Trump flag at the York County school

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(WYDaily / Courtesy of Uncle Sam's misguided children)
(WYDaily / Courtesy of Uncle Sam's misguided children)

Two men face federal charges after authorities said they threatened a York County para-educator who appeared in a controversial and viral Facebook video.

Authorities believe that racial charge threats were called Tabb High School after a video appeared that showed the para-educator, who is black, supposedly trying to "push" a flag of "Make America big again" down shirt of a student.

Daryl Curtis Byerly, of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Robert Michael Scott, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, are charged with two counts of injury threats in interstate communication.

Byerly and Scott were indicted on May 15 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Byerly and Scott are accused of calling Tabb High School on March 2 and 3, respectively, and of leaving threats containing numerous derogatory statements on the school's answering machine, according to court documents.

While Byerly called and allegedly left a threatening voicemail message on March 2, authorities say he called again on March 6 and spoke directly to someone else. When that person refused to provide any personal information about the woman shown in the video, he allegedly also threatened to kill them.

Authorities believe that Scott also called twice, allegedly leaving two threatening voicemails in line on March 3.

The video that motivated the federal cases was published by a Facebook account called "Misguided Children of Uncle Sam". The account published the video on March 2, claiming that it was filmed during a week of school spirit.

The video shows a student wearing a "Trump 2020" flag that says "Make American Great Again." A woman, identified by the York County School Division as para-educator, takes the flag and moves it on or around the student's head at least One student laughs in the background.

The teacher moves away from the student.

It is not clear what the paraeducator did with the flag because his body blocks the view of the student in the video.

The video is no longer available on Facebook.

The publication of the video provoked a lot of comments, actions and reactions on Facebook, some of which expressed concern about the actions of the teachers. Other comments suggested that the teacher may not have had bad intentions.

A school spokesperson confirmed that the School Board Policy of the York County School Division states that school time and school property should not be used for political purposes.

Employees are expected to refrain from participating in any activity that supports or opposes any candidate or political party while on duty, on school property during school hours or when representing the division.

On March 6, the York County School Division reported receiving threatening phone calls regarding the video. The school refused to reveal information about what the callers said.

As a precautionary measure, Tabb High School suffered a modified block and after school activities were canceled. The York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office also sent "at least two" additional officers to the school for the day.

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The records of the federal court records management system do not list the exact dates of birth of men, but the years. Byerly was born in 1979 and Scott was born in 1966.

Both men have been granted bail.

According to the documents, a judge granted Scott a personal guarantee bond of $ 50,000 with special conditions.

Byerly was released in personal recognition by a judge of the US District Court. UU For the District of Nevada. You must surrender your pbadport, you can not possess a firearm and you must appear before the pre-trial services in Las Vegas, according to court records.

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