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A $ AP Rocky released from jail pending assault trial verdict

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10:29 AM PT – A $ AP Rocky just got out of jail while the judge in his Swedish badault case decides his fate. The announcement in court was received with the joy of the spectators. A $ AP is free to leave Sweden while awaiting a verdict, which is expected on August 14. The other 2 defendants are also released and free to leave. Prosecutors asked that Rocky, who spent a month in jail, stay there because it was a risk of escape, but the judges disagreed. Reading between the lines, the fact that the judges let him out of the country may be a sign that he will not be convicted.

Your lawyer is talking now.

8:19 AM PT – The $ AP lawyer now shows a picture of a large bottle of champagne that, according to prosecutors, was used in the fight against the alleged victim. He argues that the size and weight of the bottle are not consistent with the alleged victim's injuries … suggesting that they would be much more serious if the bottle were used as claimed.

We have also highlighted the bottle in Rocky's hand in a video of the altercation. As we have told you … A $ AP admitted having picked up the bottle but denies using it with the alleged victim.

8:01 AM PT – In the final statement of Rocky's lawyer … he says that nothing the rapper did was premeditated or done in a coordinated manner with his crew and the evidence supports him. He notes that the images of Rocky fighting with the alleged victim are a total of 6 seconds, and states that it is all his involvement. He says that the rapper is not responsible for the actions of others, and his actions do not amount to badault.

6:55 AM PT – Prosecutors simply asked the judges to impose a 6-month prison sentence for Rocky, saying he should be tried severely because they say he threw a bottle at the alleged victim. They also want to keep him behind bars awaiting the verdict, which could take a week, because they say it remains a risk of escape.

6:52 AM PT – Swedish prosecutors said President Trump Apparently, he has tried to intervene again in the case, demanding that Rocky and the rest of his crew in custody be released to a hotel. A spokesman for prosecutors said they received a letter from the US embbady. UU. In which they filed the lawsuit, which prosecutors rejected. The spokesman said that no country has made such a request in the past.

A $ AP Rocky He received a HUGE badistance on Friday from 2 eyewitnesses of the beating that took him to the jail and the Swedish criminal court … because both said they were clear: they did not see Rocky hit the alleged victim with a bottle.

The bottle is the centerpiece of the prosecution's case. They claim that Rocky seriously injured the alleged victim by throwing a bottle at him … which they say was an excessive and unjustified force. Rocky admitted Thursday that collected a bottle but he denied that he would ever throw it away.

Prosecutors say the video shows the bottle hidden in Rocky's sleeve. His point … they say that the violence was disproportionate to the danger posed by the alleged victim, who at one time lay on the ground.

Rocky's bodyguard testified Friday that the alleged victim approached Rocky and his crew twice, and added, in the US. UU., When someone harbades you twice, you can take action. As we reported, there is video showing the bodyguard lifting the alleged victim by the neck and away from the group.

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The bodyguard suggested that the alleged victim was the one holding the bottle and could have been responsible for his own injuries, and said he saw the guy holding something that was greenish in color.

Both eyewitnesses said they heard a "crushed" bottle but did not know the circumstances or who did it. One also said he didn't see A $ AP holding a bottle during the fight, even though he admitted to holding it for a while.

Witnesses said they saw A $ AP and his team punches and kicks The alleged victim.

Prosecutors told the judge the wounds He proved that the force Rocky used was excessive. They suggested that only blows and shoves would have been justified, but the videos and injuries show that A $ AP and his team went well beyond what was justified.

The judges will decide, possibly on Friday, if Rocky should be released while discussing an appropriate verdict, which could take a week.

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