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A couple of videos show iPhone surviving accidental falls from the park and the amusement park

It is known that the iPhone survives some conditions never before seen. More recently, we saw how an iPhone X survived a week-long river adventure and returned in working condition to its owner. Now, a couple of videos have emerged, one that shows how the iPhone survives a fall from one plane and another from the "highest swing in the world."

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Perhaps the most interesting of the two is the fall of the swing. As Click Orlando noted, Cansel Yildirim rode StarFlyer, which is the tallest swing in the world and flies over International Drive in Orlando. She was recording while traveling, only for the iPhone 7 Plus in her hand to fall and fall to the ground.

While the device fell 450 feet off the ground, it continued to record, causing nausea. distance in feet. Once the trip was over, Yildirim was able to use the Find My iPhone app to locate his device and discovered that he had survived the fall with only a scratch (and was still recording):

"It's really a miracle that nothing happened to my phone, since it did not break or break at all, "Yildirim said.

In the video, the phone seems to be flipping as it moves down. The movement and the sound of the hard and fast winds stop when you hear that the camera finally touches the ground. The phone lands on its back and captures the rest of Yildirim's long journey on the giant swing.

Elsewhere, WhoTV in Iowa highlights the story of an iPhone falling 1,000 feet to the ground from an airplane. Sarvinder Naberhaus was flying in a vintage biplane as part of the American Barnstormers 2018 tour when he used his iPhone to take pictures, only to have it fall out of his hands and out of the plane.

Naberhaus set out to locate the iPhone and was finally successful in using Find My iPhone and calling it repeatedly using another device:

"I thought I do not think I'm going to find it, I'm going to go, maybe I should try at least to sound it . once again, "said Naberhaus. "I thought I heard a jingle, I'm trying to walk as fast as I can towards the sound of the doorbell"

"I literally went into shock," Johnson said. "I asked him if this is real? Is that the same phone?" "And I said & # 39; This is a miraculous phone, you can not drop a phone at 1000 feet and keep it running! & # 39; "

Watch videos in these two stories below:

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