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A new tinder test allows people to pay to activate reading receipts for specific conversations

Tinder begins two tests today that could include more people to pay for the dating application. The tests are based on paid subscriptions of the application, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, offering some subscribers. as well as the opportunity to break the algorithm and take your profile to the top of the possible accumulations of people.

These premium users can pay to activate receipts for individual chat threads, so they can see if a participant reads your message and when. Only the person who updated the chat will be able to see the reading receipts, but both people will have the option to deactivate the reading receipts. However, read receipts will be activated by default, so be sure to turn them off if you do not know other people to read a message. The reading receipts function can be purchased in packages and then applied to specific chats.

Other dating apps also offer reading receipts as a paid update, including The League and OkCupid, but taking them to Tinder feels particularly relentless if only because it is an application where many people agree and then stop talking. I like to convince myself that someone stopped responding because they fell in love and stopped reviewing the application, and it was terrible to know that a message was read and did not deserve an answer. However, I am sure that many people will want an answer, what would happen if their appointment died or something? It seems that this could be a promising feature, at least to generate money for Tinder.

The second update is relatively minor, but it could be intriguing for people who are convinced that they are getting matches because their profile never really appears. Super Boost promises to promote a user's profile to 100 times more people than usual. It is not clear how long the promotion will last, but Tinder says that the option to use Super Boost will appear during the "peak hours of the night" or when people are more likely to switch. Super Boost is an improved version of Boost, which offers users 10 times more profile views. We do not have price information in any of the functions, and both are just tests for now, so each user will see them as purchase options.

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