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Adam Silver confirms Rich Paul's message to him that Luke Walton is not being "right" & # 39; as head coach for LeBron James

From the moment that LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, the future of then-head coach Luke Walton was questioned.

Walton would surpbad the 2018-19 NBA season before separating from the organization, but there were reports that James' camp, including agent Rich Paul, wanted Walton to leave.

They got their wish since Walton is now the head coach of the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers have hired former Indiana Pacers coach and Orlando Magic Frank Vogel to take his place. Early reports indicate that Vogel has James 'respect due to his time with the Pacers, the biggest rivals of James' Eastern Conference.

Now, according to ESPN's Baxter Holmes, Paul disliked Walton as the Lakers' head coach so much that he even complained to NBA commissioner Adam Silver about him:

In November, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Maverick Carter, LeBron's business partner, gathered for lunch. James' agent, Rich Paul, was sitting at a nearby table and, at one point, approached Silver to complain about Walton, several sources familiar with the interaction told ESPN. Paul said he did not think Walton was the right coach for the Lakers. Silver shrugged at the comment and asked who Paul thought would be the right coach. Paul suggested Tyronn Lue.

The fact that a player's camp is dissatisfied with a head coach is nothing new, but talking to the commissioner is rather strange, considering that there is nothing Silver can do about the situation. While Paul denied the report, Silver later confirmed the conversation between the two, according to Malika Andrews of ESPN:

"I was in the same restaurant," Silver said. "There were two people sitting there, he sat down for a second, and I think he said something like" Luke Walton is not the right man to train LeBron. "

"My reaction was to shrug my shoulders and maybe say:" Well, who do you think is the right man to train? "And he mentioned a name and that was it, I think as a commissioner, I do not want to exclude people who have a point of view. "

When it comes to the Lakers, Paul seems to have had an impact, though not necessarily a positive one. The reports are always flying and if Paul is at the center of that, with respect to the players or coaches in chief, it can damage the chemistry and the cohesion of a team.

However, Paul is not going anywhere as James' agent, so if he's still dissatisfied with things in Los Angeles, he might very well make it known once again.

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