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Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best deals on hard disk drives (SSD), hard drives and flash drives from SanDisk, WD, Seagate, LaCie

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C

The Ultra Dual Drive of SanDisk with USB-C and USB-A connectors has a discount of more than 60%.

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It may not be as exciting as a hot dog toaster or a giant inflatable unicornBut the internal and external storage units and the USB flash drives are also running pretty good discounts Amazon Prime Day And this year is not the exception. Below you will find some of those with the biggest price drops. They are divided into categories that help you find the storage offers you want.

If you are looking for offers of microSD and SD cards, here they are The best of SanDisk.. Keep in mind that CNET can be a part of the income of the products presented on this page.

Internal hard drives and SSDs


Improve the performance of your laptop quickly with this unit that demands sequential read speeds of up to 560 MB / s and sequential write speeds of up to 530 MB / s.


If you have a laptop with an empty PCI slot, this could be the unit to fill it.


This desktop hard drive is an excellent choice for any task where speed is a priority and has a fraction of the cost of an SSD with this capability. The 6TB version is also on sale with a 30% discount.

Bulk storage without slow performance, this hybrid drive gives you speeds similar to SSDs with the price and capacity of a hard drive.

Other offers of internal units:

External hard drives

This is an external desktop drive (which means it is not portable) with an included adapter. It also includes an 18-inch USB 3.0 cable and is pre-formatted for Windows PC. It can be easily reformatted for Mac.

It is a large amount of storage to back up all types of files. It is plug and play for Windows PC, but it can be reformatted for Mac users. However, this is just a simple hard drive. If you need additional functions, you will have to look elsewhere. The 10TB version also has a 47% discount.

This pocket-sized unit is resistant to drops up to 2 meters and has a built-in USB cable for quick and easy transfers. Also, since it is an SSD, it can do it faster than your average portable hard drive and consumes less power.


This is a portable hard drive that resists falls, shock, dust and water with a built-in Thunderbolt USB cable capable of transferring speeds of up to 130MB / s. Includes a one-month courtesy membership plan for Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps.


Another rugged mobile unit with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, the G unit ensures transfer rates of up to 560MB / s through its USB-C connection. That means it's fast enough to edit videos and photos directly from the unit without first transferring them to your Mac or PC.

Flash drives

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This is an excellent option for Android phones with USB-C ports, as it supports transfers in movement (OTG). Simply connect it to the USB-C port of your phone and move the files from your phone to the unit. Then you can connect the USB-C to your computer or use the slider at the top to change the connection to a USB-A connector.


Like the Ultra Dual unit, except that it has a Lightning connector for use with iPhones and iPads instead of USB-C. Do you need to quickly free up space on your device without first storing it in the cloud? Here you have

This is just a quick USB 3.0 that is incredibly economical.


The Ultra Fit is another really economical flash drive: less than $ 10 for 64 GB. However, while the above PNY units give you something to grab, this SanDisk is little more than the USB connector. That makes it better to keep it constantly connected to a laptop, gaming console or car stereo.

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