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Amber Portwood's Machete Attack Signs End of work for & # 39; Teen Mom & # 39;


Amber Portwood she will lose more than her freedom if she is condemned for pursuing her boyfriend with a machete; You will almost certainly lose your concert in "Teem Mom OG".

Production sources tell TMZ … Amber is already on thin ice after her arrest for domestic violence, which resulted in 3 charges for serious crimes – Domestic battery, criminal imprudence with a deadly weapon and domestic battery in the presence of a child.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

The negotiator of the series … if a jury believes that Amber he took a machete during a heated discussion with bf Andrew Glennon. As we reported … Amber knocked on a door with Glennon holding his little boy on the other side.

Our sources say that a conviction for the use of a deadly weapon in an incident of domestic violence should end his 10-year career in the "Teen Mom" ​​franchise. They tell us that the program is letting the legal process take place … but a conviction will almost certainly be all that she wrote.

As the rabid fans of & # 39; Teen Mom & # 39; … the show stayed with Amber in the past when she endured other legal storms. You will remember that she was arrested for domestic violence in 2010 for beating his ex, Gary Shirley … an incident captured by the MTV cameras.


MTV was again with Amber when she was arrested in 2011 for possession of a controlled substance. Finally, he served a sentence behind bars and then admitted to abusing prescription drugs.

The difference in this case … putting your child in danger. Apart from the obvious, it is too great a risk for a program to keep someone on the air with this kind of propensity for violence, because if she shoots again and the child gets hurt … the program will have to pay hell .

Amber recently opened up about being bipolar and suffering from a borderline personality disorder. She has also talked about postpartum depression. Obviously, all the factors will be considered before making a final decision.

She must return to court later this month.

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