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AMEN: Meryl Streep on why she rejects the term & # 39; toxic masculinity & # 39;

Liberal actress Meryl Streep said she rejects the so-called "toxic masculinity," a term that is often repeated by feminists, stereotyping men and rhetorically women as victims. Streep pointed out that the term can be devastating for children, and it is quite silly, since women can also "be pretty bading toxic".

"Sometimes I think we're hurt, we hurt our kids by calling something toxic male I do it," Streep said during a question and answer session for the hit TV show "Big Little Lies" presented by Vanity Fair.

"And I do not find [that] uniting those two words … because women can be quite toxic, "continued the Oscar winner.

"It's toxic people," Streep said. "We have our good angles and our bad ones."

According to the Independent, based in the United Kingdom, "Streep added that he believes labels can be" less useful "than direct communication when damaging behaviors are mentioned."

"We are all on the boat together, we have to make it work," the actress said, referring to "certain behaviors and attitudes commonly badociated with men that are perceived as harmful, such as repressing emotions and acting aggressively," according to the media. .

Streep has been an outspoken feminist, encouraging her colleagues' prize speeches that suggest that women are being discriminated against when it comes to paying in Hollywood, for example.

In 2017, the actress joined the feminist Gloria Steinem to describe ""Explain to industry executives about the future, that is, he said, for the same remuneration," Vanity Fair reported.

"We are after 50/50 in 2020," Streep said. "Equal means the same, and if it starts at the top, none of these scams would have leaked out and would not have been tolerated."

Recently, the Gillette razor company launched an ad that addressed the so-called "toxic masculinity," which received praise from feminists and reaction from the general public. The controversial ad absurdly shows a culture in which men excuse the "toxic" nature and intimidation of children as "children are children". As described by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, the announcement is extremely problematic, stereotyping men and describing a culture that does not reflect the reality in which we live.

In addition, more and more in the media, we have seen traditional masculinity stained as "toxic". As the editor of Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, pointed out, when writing in National Review, society can fall into serious problems if it is denied "virility". .

"[I]In a society that completely denies masculinity, that denies the special protective and creative role of men in society, or worse, categorizes masculinity as mere violence, it is easy to fall into a simplistic self-identification with toxic masculinity. The age of emasculation can not last, "argued Shapiro. "Eventually it will turn into violence, it will sink into irrelevance or it will return to the truth: that the aggressive male instinct may be good, but it must be trained, not eliminated."

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