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Antoine Griezmann harshly criticized the celebration of the World Cup goal

Antoine Griezmann has been criticized by fans for holding a "disrespectful" goal after scoring a controversial penalty against Croatia.

The Frenchman was accused of making fun of Croatia after celebrating his goal with a dance & # 39; Take the L & # 39; of the popular videogame Fortnite.

Despite having been named man of the match in France's 4-2 victory, the heroic acts of the 27-year-old were fouled by the celebration that did not fit well with some fans.

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Griezmann celebrates his goal with an "L" in his head. Pic: Getty

One thing I do not like about Griezmann is his taking the celebration L. Cmon boys is so disrespectful ?♂️

– Beranta (@ngrzakaria) July 15, 2018

That the celebration of Griezmann is painful, it hurts the eyes

– The Milkman ?????? ?? (@ georger33527718) July 15, 2018

I am happy that Griezmann has won the toilet but, please, for the love of God, get rid of that rough bad Fortnite dance celebration ??♂️

– Anthony ⚫️⚪️ ?? @ (@ForzaMarchisio) July 15, 2018

Griezmann seriously so disgusting. That celebration L No clbad at all.

– nobody (@ getalife_19) July 15, 2018

Griezmann, who has been celebrating goals with the videogame dance since May, gave the celebration an air on the biggest stage of Final of the World Cup of France against Croatia.

France conceded a penalty after VAR asked referee Nestor Pitana to review his decision not to award a point after Griezmann's corner hit Ivan Perisic on the arm in the area.

After sending Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subašić the wrong way, the French striker left with an "L" for the loser with his hand.

Unfortunately for Griezmann, the post-goal celebration was not the only incident that struck a chord.

The French striker attended the opening goal of the final, but the action he took to receive the free-kick caused some fans to pull Griezmann for diving.

We only saw the highlights of # WorldCupfinal and saw the embarrbading plunge of Griezmann that led to the opener #FRA . It is a pity that a cracker of a game, and the ticker shown by #CRO will unfortunately resonate with the French game of chance and an incorrect penalty.

– Debayan Sen (@debayansen) July 15, 2018

@ESPNFC Why the VAR is not used for immersions worthy of the card, such as Griezmann's immersion, which lead to the first objective? If you are going to grant PKs by involuntary hand balls, a ref fails through VAR, it should also be used against dives, since dives are one of the worst things in football.

– Paul Nettle (@voqar) July 15, 2018

@ FIFAWorldCup What a disgrace. Griezmann should get a lifelong ban so that his pitch is not awarded to the man in the game for cheating to get a free kick and then score a penalty that should never have been awarded. You will never sacrifice diving if you reward players for doing it.

– John Hart (@ metalmutha666) July 15, 2018

Griezmann collapsed when the Croatian Marcelo Brozovic seemed to step on his heels at the beginning of the game. first time, and the free kick he received resulted in a devastating own goal for Croatia.

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