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Apple could be getting rid of iTunes

Apple will soon get rid of its iTunes application. Bloomberg reports that the company is working on new independent applications that will replace iTunes on the Mac.

And yes, we are already friendly or we knew this. In April, we wrote that Apple is currently working on Apple Music, TV, Podcasts and the Mac application that will replace iTunes. At that time, it was uncertain if Apple would completely get rid of iTunes, as it was clear if the new Apple Music application will have the ability to allow users to manage their Apple devices like iTunes does at this time.

However, according to Bloomberg, the new Music application will allow users to synchronize their devices and manage them instead of having to use iTunes. We took a look at the new Apple Music app recently, and it looks different from iTunes, but it could mark a major change in Apple's strategy.

What will be more interesting is how Apple is busy replacing iTunes on third-party platforms. It is not known if the company will launch new Apple Music, TV for Windows applications to replace the clbadic iTunes application (which is also available through the Microsoft Store). The company also launched iTunes on third-party smart TVs, baduming it will only be renamed to Apple TV once the company's video broadcast service is released later this year.

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