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Apple CryptoKit for iOS 13 suggests that full cryptocurrency portfolios are coming to the iPhone


Apple has announced "CryptoKit", a new framework that will allow developers to perform cryptographic operations safely and efficiently. New features added suggest that the iPhone may come with a native cryptographic wallet.

The kit was quietly revealed on the Apple website, but is scheduled to be presented at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5.

Apple will present CryptoKit in the new operating system

With the World Conference of Apple Developers (WWDC) currently underway, all eyes are on the latest version of the iPhone's operating system. In the midst of media frenzy, Apple has quietly released another important update for iOS 13: CryptoKit.

According to Apple, CryptoKit will provide developers with a new framework for cryptographic functionality. It will allow operations like hash, key generation and encryption to integrate into iOS applications.

However, the biggest shock in the cryptographic community was the fact that CryptoKit will allow developers to use public key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures and perform key exchanges.

In addition to working with the keys stored in the memory, developers can also use the private keys stored and managed by Apple's Secure Enclave, the part of A7 and the newer chips used in iPhones.

Frederic Jacobs, a member of the security and cryptography engineering team at Apple, said that CryptoKit was an advanced and efficient interface that will allow users to perform various cryptographic operations.

We are looking forward to sharing more about CryptoKit, a fast and secure Swift API for performing cryptographic operations. # WWDC19 https://t.co/oDli6I7TsK

– Frederic Jacobs (@FredericJacobs) June 3, 2019

Viktor Radchenko, the founder of TrustWallet, said Apple's new addition to iOS 13 means it could have full hardware wallet Functionality in the future.

Apple announced CryptoKit for iOS 13, just a few steps away before it can turn your phone into a hardware wallet.https: //t.co/21wPSBz0K3

– Viktor Radchenko (@vikmeup) June 4, 2019

Apple is following the initiative of Samsung and is adopting the cryptocurrency

The launch of CryptoKit coincided with the leak of information from Apple that incorporates the Bitcoin symbol in its icon set. The four symbols of the Bitcoin application will be compatible with Apple's San Francisco font.

I just noticed that the new Apple icon set (SF Symbols) includes bitcoin. pic.twitter.com/Og8dWp2C85

– Brandon (@brandnanthny) June 4, 2019

The new icon set will allow developers to integrate Bitcoin into their applications. However, many social network users noticed that there were no logos or other cryptocurrencies among the set of 1,000 recently launched icons.

Apple seems to be following the initiative that Samsung has taken to integrate cryptocurrencies into their devices. In February, Samsung launched its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, which had a wallet that allowed users to store their private keys.

With rumors that the company also plans to integrate the cryptographic payments into Samsung Pay, it seems that Apple has improved its game when it comes to the adoption of the cryptocurrency. It's too early to tell if the company plans to provide full cryptography wallet in their devices or as cryptographic badets integrated in Apple Pay.

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