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Apple launches the first beta version for iOS 13.1 developers

Apple will release a new version of iOS 13 developer today. The launch comes just under a week since the last round of beta releases of iOS 13. Interestingly, Apple has rated this week's release as a beta version of iOS 13.1 developer, suggesting that the iOS 13 beta test has ended. watchOS 6 developer beta 9 is available and labeled as such.

The public beta versions of Apple should continue at a later date after the developer's latest beta has been tested in nature.

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Interestingly, Apple apparently jumped to the iOS 13.1 beta tests. Apple may have prepared iOS 13 for launch, and is now preparing iOS 13.1 as a quick follow-up with bug fixes and feature improvements. The features that were removed from the iOS 13 beta tests, such as Automation Shortcuts and ETA Sharing on Maps, are present in iOS 13.1.

As we delve into iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1, we should learn more about what has changed compared to iOS 13 beta. We will update as we make those discoveries.

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Also watch out for our practical coverage with iOS 13.1 and all other beta versions as we deepen and unpack new changes for the user, as well as updates under the hood!

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– Chris Ball (@chriswb) August 27, 2019

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