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Are You Ready for Amazon or Comcast to Be the Next Big Wireless Carrier?

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While the T-Mobile-Sprint merger has not yet received the green light from the Department of Justice, the FCC has already approved the agreement and, as part of the FCC's stipulations, T-Mobile / Sprint would be forced to sell Boost Mobile. . However, the most important question is to try to find out which company would be interested in buying Boost and make a bigger push in the wireless market.

According to a recent Reuters report, it seems that a potential candidate is Amazon megacorp online retailer, who, according to sources familiar with the subject, is not only interested in buying Boost Mobile, but also in acquiring a wireless spectrum that the new T-Mobile / Sprint would also have to divest as part of the merger.

Currently, it is not entirely clear why Amazon is suddenly interested in operating its own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). However, it seems that one of the main attractions of the agreement would be the ability to use T-Mobile's wireless network to improve its service for at least six years. And with Google already operating its own MVNO in Fi, it probably should not come as a surprise that Amazon is considering the idea of ​​doing the same.

That said, Amazon may not be the only company to badyze the possible future sale of Boost Mobile; Based on a Bloomberg report, it appears that Comcast is also interested in acquiring Boost Mobile when a merger of T-Mobile / Sprint is approved.

For Comcast, the agreement makes much more sense, since it is already a player in the wireless space thanks to Xfinity Mobile. Currently, the Xfinity Mobile service is based on a network of Wi-Fi access points and cellular coverage that runs on Verizon's 4G network, making the addition of Boost Mobile, its approximately 7 million subscribers, and the wireless spectrum aggregate will give Comcast and Xfinity Mobile many more resources to work with.

But, according to another Bloomberg report, what really gets really interesting is that for the Justice Department to approve the merger, T-Mobile / Sprint may have to help create a new national wireless service provider to ensure that even After the companies merge, there will be four main wireless service providers instead of just three.

This would mean that simply renting the bandwidth of one of the other operators would not be sufficient, since the new entity would need to operate its own network, including all the equipment, the wireless spectrum and the cellular towers necessary for this to happen. That would be a great effort, even for companies with large resources such as Amazon or Comcast.

If that happened, it would mean living in a world where the four major wireless operators in the US. UU They are AT & T, Verizon, new T-Mobile and Comcast or Amazon. For many people, it is a chilling thought. Of course, at this moment it is only a speculation. But yes? What company do you think would be a better or worse wireless service company throughout the country: Comcast or Amazon?

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