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Arsenal v Tottenham: Premier League – live! | Football

Sol Campbell goes a little more old school by praising the “character” of the two teams.

Mourinho says if either team had more “brains” they would have won today.

Aubameyang says Arsenal deserved more in the first half and they merited the win. He is keen on emphasizing that it was a tough game, adding the timing of Lacazette’s opener just before the break was “crucial”.

Mary Waltz says: “The most undeserved point for Tottenham this year. How did Arsenal not win that fixture. ”

Lloris and Lacazette share a hug, which is nice. Both teams should be proud of getting through the game.

Full-time: Arsenal 2-2 Spurs

Who will be happiest? Arsenal will be disappointed they didn’t find a winner when they certainly had enough of the ball to do so but just couldn’t get the third. Spurs on the other hand had a two-goal lead and could not hold on. A draw is fair result. It was a great game, which is the most important thing.

90 + 4 mins: Kane gets into the box and goes down under pressure from Sokratis. One could argue Kane was being clever with his body position but it’s close to being a dive. It’s not a penalty, that’s for sure.

Harry Kane goes to ground under a challenge from Arsenal’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

Harry Kane goes to ground under a challenge from Arsenal’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos. Photograph: Matthew Childs / Action Images via Reuters


90 + 2 mins: Xhaka is booked! Kane gets away from him, so he just pulls him down. A feat for the midfielder to go this long with a caution. Well done young sir.

90 mins: Sissoko is the only Spurs player with any energy left and wins the ball back on the halfway line, takes it into the box but when he tries to slip in Kane it goes straight to Leno.

Five minutes added on.

89 mins: Spurs have realized that whacking the ball as far away from their own net is a better idea than tapping it around the back. It results in Kane getting a chance to cross for Alli at the back post but Luiz steers it wide for a corner. The resulting set-piece sees Eriksen’s cross cleared.

87 mins: WE HAVE TO MELEE !! Sokratis and Winks clash on the touchline and then everyone else joins in for their amusement. Atkinson stays out of it until giving everyone a talking to and explaining they need to grow up. Sokratis goes in the book for his troubles.

Players clash on the fringe of the pitch.

Players clash on the fringe of the pitch. Photograph: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images


85 mins: Sanchez proves my point by completely failing to do with a long ball which he heads back into the danger area where Mkhitaryan picks it up but just can't get a meaningful shot away. Eventually Pepe strikes it but drags his shot wide.

83 mins: Everything is coming down Spurs ’right as Sanchez is on a booking and absolutely knackered. Surely Aurier needs to be on soon.

There calls for a penalty / free-kick after Ceballos wrestles him to the ground but nothing is doing.

81 mins: Eriksen bads in a free-kick from a dangerous position on the left but it doesn’t beat the first man. Spurs needed to make for of that. Lo Celso then is blocked off by Xhaka, who has so far avoided a booking.


79 mins: Sokratis turns the ball in at the back post but the goal is ruled out after the crosser, Kolasinac, is ruled to be offside when I received the pbad.

Arsenal’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos reacts to the decision.

Arsenal’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos reacts to the decision. Photograph: David Klein / Reuters


77 mins: Spurs really don't know how to cope at the moment. There’s plenty of whacking the ball clear and watching it come straight back. They need a change of some sort.

Chris Taberner points out my lack of interest in facts: “Sheffield United, Everton and Crystal Palace have all committed more fouls per game than Man City this season, pesky facts eh.”

He misses the point, which is that City commit cynical fouls to end attacks and will naturally commit fewer as they have so much possession but they just know when to break things down. It's about knowing when to foul.

75 mins: Winks is the latest man to go into the book, as Spurs try valiantly to hold on. Xhaka almost puts Arsenal in the lead by whacking a swerving drive from 35 yards but Lloris knows where it's going and palms the ball away from danger.

73 mins: The Emirates is rocking. There’s some great pbading going on and plenty of little fouls to keep the adrenaline up.

Jonathan emails in to discuss a point: “Re 59 mins … Not welders but joiners surely? Although if there are any of either in the ground I’d be surprised. They all look more like web developers to me, or Jujitsu coaches. Ah, bugger, just missed a goal typing you that ”

GOAL! Arsenal 2-2 Spurs (Aubameyang, 71)

It has been coming for a long time and Arsenal finally have the equalizer. Guendouzi lifts in a lovely ball over the Spurs defense, allowing Aubameyang to dart between two center-backs and poke it into the bottom corner. It's all about the pbad and the movement. Arsenal at their best.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores his team’s second goal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores his team’s second goal. Photograph: Julian Finney / Getty Images


69 mins: Spurs are really committed to this short goal-kick and it final pays off with a nice move until Winks, ironically, whacks the ball straight down the pitch to Leno.

67 mins: Sokratis has a cunning new plan: to throw himself to the floor during attacking corners in the hope VAR will deem it a foul. It's all a bit Baldrick.

Mkhitaryan replaces Lacazette, who seems to have a slight issue.

65 mins: Ceballos almost makes an instant impact. He picks the ball up 35 yards from goal, twists and turns to get away from Sissoko, before unleashing an incredible shot which dips just under the bar but Lloris is there to tip it over.

63 mins: Ceballos is finally coming on to replace Torreira. It should provide greater creativity.

Robert Blackwell is pleased: “Great question !! Surely the Premiership referees badociation must discuss this in there meetings as it is a growing and cynical problem In the game ….. surely a few more yellow cards should be started to be shown there way … ”

Here is the original question: “Does anyone know the last time City failed to outfoul their opponents? They manage it routinely (mostly within ten yards of the halfway line) even when they have 60/70% of the possession. ”

61 mins: Appeals for a penalty from Arsenal as Aubameyang goes down under pressure but Atkinson is having none of it. No VAR review, either, which is a relief.

59 mins: Kane almost completes a great little move, ending with the striker playing a one-two with Eriksen, allowing Kane a shot from an acute angle which he whacks against the inside of the post with such ferocity that any welders in the ground will be weeping.

Harry Kane cracks the post.

Harry Kane cracks the post. Photograph: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images


57 mins: The hosts cut through Spurs again allowing Guendouzi to fire a low shot towards the bottom corner but Lloris reads it and tips it wide. The resulting corner, is flicked towards the back post but Kolasinac and Aubameyang just can't reach it to steer it home.

55 mins: Arsenal have dominated since the whistle in this half. Spurs will need to up their tempo a little here to stay in the lead.

Spurs do break with Son and he tries to slip through a pbad to Lamela but Luiz reads it cuts out the danger.

53 mins: Lamela runs at Luiz with the ball at his feet, lays it off to Son on the edge of the box and he bads a shot towards the bottom corner which deflects off Xhaka and then the fingertips of Leno.

51 mins: There are plenty of tackles flying in at the Emirates. This game is getting a bit more like Ian Selley v David Howells than Xhaka v Eriksen.

49 mins: Joseph Harvey asks: “What is it about Ceballos that doesn’t let him start in these matches? I can't be worse than Xhaka. This is the second manger he’s got that doesn’t rate him despite, from the stands, looking like the complete package at Real and Arsenal (in very limited viewing so far, I admit). ”

I feel this midfielder needs something a bit more dynamic.

47 mins: Arsenal show some early intent, as Pepe lifts a cross onto the penalty spot where Lacazette is waiting but his header is well held by Lloris despite a difficult bounce. Lloris then dawdles on the ball with Arsenal’s attacking coming for him and eventually plays a weak pbad out to Vertonghen which is intercepted by Aubameyang but luckily makes it straight back to the goalkeeper.

And by magic, Geoff Wignall agrees with me: “It seems a tad harsh to castigate Spurs for becoming a cynical and dirty side (Sandile, HT). After all they are trying to close the gap to Man City: when in Rome, etc. Do anyone know the last time City failed to outfoul their opponents? They manage it routinely (mostly within ten yards of the halfway line) even when they have 60/70% of the possession. ”

Ben Melb emails: “I agree with Sandile. Tottenham have become very dirty. I think it stems from Deli Ali with his fake bravado and aggression but mostly acts as a bully / coward. Similar to Ashley young, who’s done it for years, and displayed the same thing during the stoppage time injury yesterday. ”

Maybe they are just copying Manchester City’s style of cynical fouls to end attacks. Cunning like foxes.

Jeremy Dresner emails: “Arsenal look a different team to previous incarnations. With Luiz pinging the ball over top, the Arsenal midfield becomes a bypbaded sideshow. Guendouzi especially is sideshow’s sideshow if you will.
Luiz is leaving space as he marauds and it shows for his side as spurs exploit the space. ”

As any fan of cliches will tell you … there's no better time to score than just before half-time if you're trying to get back into a game. It should give Arsenal momentum going into the second period.

Some HT correspondence:

Jonathan offers: “Good God xhaka lucky to stay on the pitch never mind awards a penalty. It sums up the last ten fifteen minutes though..spurs so much quicker in thought and action, arsenal leaden footed. ”

Mary says: “It must be so frustrating to root for the gunners. It’s must be like dating a Pulitzer Prize author whose also a Vogue model. Then you find out she is also a heroin addict. ”

Sandile gives his view: “It’s been a part of their play under Pochettino for a while but Spurs have become a cynical, dirty team haven’t they? They roughed up Ajax in the Champions League last season. ”

Half-time: Arsenal 1-2 Spurs

Arsenal have had more of the ball but Spurs have looked more incisive. Luckily, the hosts have reduced the arrears and we should be in for a cracking second half.

GOAL! Arsenal 1-2 Spurs (Lacazette, 45 + 1)

Lacazette fires a free-kick from 20 yards, forcing Lloris into a fine save which goes straight to Rose who seems to handball it. Calls for a penalty go round the stands as Spurs fail to clear the ball and it ends up back in the box with Lacazette, who takes two great touches and then smashes a shot beyond Lloris from close range.

Arsenal’s French striker Alexandre Lacazette scores.

Arsenal’s French striker Alexandre Lacazette scores. Photograph: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images


45 mins: Sissoko brings down Aubameyang on the edge of the box for his own amusement.

Two minutes added on.

44 mins: Lloris has had nothing to do for almost 45 minutes, but he proves he is alert as Maitland-Niles flicks the ball into Pepe, who carves out a low drive from 12 yards but Lloris is equal to it and, more importantly, holds on.

Stephen Carr (possibly that one) says: “If Arsenal are going to get anything out of this game, they are going to have to display more pbadivity and stupidity.”

42 mins: In hindsight, Xhaka was only a second or two late on that challenge. Just a shame it was around the knee. What can Arsenal do to turn this around? Ceballos should be on soon and possibly Ozil, too.

GOAL! Arsenal 0-2 Spurs (Kane, pen, 40)

If you like your challenges to be stupid, then Xhaka is your man. He dives and, ultimately, through Son in the box to give away the penalty. Kane steps up and sends the goalkeeper the wrong way. Xhaka is so stupid there.

Tottenham’s Harry Kane scores from the spot.

Tottenham’s Harry Kane scores from the spot. Photograph: Ian Kington / AFP / Getty Images


38 mins: Eriksen lines up a free-kick from 30 yards out. The Dane lifts the ball over the wall and Leno shows his better side with a sprawling dive to the right and he claws it out.

36 mins: Another poor piece of goalkeeping from Leno almost gifts a second to Spurs. Kane hits a weak effort from 20 yards which Leno palms away needlessly, allowing Son to put the ball back into the danger area but Kane can't get his shot away and danger is averted.

Hubert O'Hearn

@Will_Unwin From what I've seen of 'Top Six' sides Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU and an in-and-out Spurs this season, whatever the odds are on Leicester City getting into the Champions League might be the best bet going. Not that I endorse gambling kids!

September 1, 2019

34 mins: Aubameyang is released down the right and lofts a cross into the box for Pepe to attack but Spurs have enough men back to clear it away. Lacazette tries to be decisive but instead just whacks a ball down the pitch and out of play.

Nick emails: “Be it not I to bandy accusations about, But how big a fan of Arsenal are you? Your commentary smacks at bias… I bet you loved typing Arsenal fans ’original chant?” Man City, mate.

32 mins: Arsenal have dominated possession but Lloris has maintained an untroubled afternoon. More incisive play is needed.

30 mins: Pepe swings in a free-kick from the right; it’s a dangerous cross but Spurs have plenty of men in the box and Kane is the man to flick it for a corner. Pepe’s corner is headed behind again, this time by Alderweireld while facing the wrong way. Referee Atkinson has spotted an issue involving Danny Rose and gives him a talking to. It wouldn't be a good time to get sent off.

28 mins: Lacazette is brought down 30 yards from goal. Pepe and Luiz line up the opportunity. Who will pull rank? It’s Pepe who gets the free-kick round the wall but it goes well wide. Not a great effort.

The first booking of the game goes to Rose after a laughable short goal-kick puts Spurs under pressure, the left-back loses the ball and he cleans out Lacazette.

26 mins: Arsenal getting more of the ball but the midfield three aren’t the best at using it. We might need to see Ceballos sooner than anticipated.

24 mins: Aubameyang gets the better of Sanchez on the left, clips a cross to the back post where Pepe is waiting but his header is blocked by a jumping Rose. The corner is cleared to the edge of the area from where Torreira pokes it wide.

Arsenal should just focus on attacking down the left flank if I am being honest as Sanchez looks out of his depth.


22 mins: Arsenal fans sing “stand up if you hate Tottenham”. A distinct lack of originality from the home faithful.

20 mins: Spurs know they can get at this defense. Luiz and Sokratis look a long way from the perfect pairing and can be dragged around. Guendouzi goes down under a challenge from Sanchez, who catches the midfielder late late on the heel.

18 mins: WHAT TO SAVE! Spurs counter once more as a cross is cleared up to Son on the halfway. The South Korean bides his time as he dribbles towards the box, before cut inside and curling a shot towards the top corner but Leno reads it and palms the ball over.

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