Screenshot of ASOS men's court tops. (Photo: DALVIN BROWN)

Just in time for the summer festival season, crops of numerous variations have emerged online.

From the homemade options sold on Etsy to the mini-tees printed with silkscreen on Amazon, the shirts that were once preferred by teenage pop stars in the 90s return with enthusiasm.

But, there is something different in the trend that surrounds it. It seems that the T-shirts that have come out of the womb have evolved to become gender-neutral, and most notably, some of the marketing that surrounds the media tanks are aimed at men.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Mike Arnold stumbled across the daring fashion trend while using the ASOS app and letting the online retailer know how he felt about it.

"I give up," he writes in a tweet along with screenshots of the designs. He marked the e-commerce giant in the tweet.

ASOS describes the caps of the tubes as a "vintage bandeau recovered", while people on Twitter seem to think that the fashion is "horrible" and ridiculous "" of the Moob tubes for men.

Are crocodiles with backpacks a thing now? Some also have parasols. The network is confused.

My God, so many people are using fanny packs again. And the accessory industry is loving it.

The shirt, or pieces of cloth, in question comes in two pieces.

One covers the sleeves and collarbone, respectively, and the other is an upper part of the tube that covers most of the user's abdomen.

Both parts are sold separately for around $ 17 each, and if used together, the shirt would still show the lower abdomen of the male model. According to the retailer, the guys simply have to "badociate with the jeans and you're ready".

The upper part comes in small to large sizes.

"If my friend came in using, it would not take long to go out again," writes Twitter user @MonaghanLeanne. "You think it's the new way of charging twice for the same top … Just cut it in two," writes the Twitter user @Flamedlioness.

If my friend came in using, it would not take long to go back out … !! ??

– Leanne (@MonaghanLeanne) May 29, 2019

Other people on Twitter found an opportunity to rock the two pieces, almost nonexistent.

"If you want to show off your abs and have a very expensive belt, it can be a decent number to look proud of," writes Twitter user @Monkeyteaparty, referring to National LGBT Pride Month, which begins in the United States on June 1. .

Perhaps the trend is a renewed version of the androgynous shirts that were popularized for the first time in the 70s, with a sportier version that later appeared in Johnny Depp in the 1984 horror clbadic "A Nightmare on Elm Street".

"Men used to wear crop tops in the '80s and it was totally fine back then, but I see some of you tend to have a selective memory when it comes to remembering the past," writes a Twitter user. @kelian_s

Will Smith also wore the revealing pieces in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which was recorded in the early 1990s.

If Will Smith could wear a short blouse as a child in 1990/91, then you can also

– Loni (@jakegylles) August 19, 2018

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot was ahead of the curve when he wore a variation of buttons with a tie to a red carpet a few years ago.

"I just do not like the amount of loose jerseys on the bottom, so I just wrap it up and roll it up," Elliot told USA TODAY at the time. "I get in trouble for that from time to time, I'll have to go out at halftime, get my shirt down and put it on."

Water drop
Superior fall

I'm Ezequiel Elliot and I wear short tops.

– Sam (@ s_miller97) December 26, 2016

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