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BlackBerry Messenger shuts down forever

Three years ago, the company set out to revitalize BBM's consumer service, but those efforts failed. "We have our hearts to make this reality, and we are proud of what we have built to date," wrote BlackBerry on his blog. "The technology industry, however, is very fluid and, despite our substantial efforts, users have moved to other platforms, while new users have proven difficult to start."

The company faced a lot of competition and at several points sued Twitter, Facebook and Snap for patent infringement. In 2017, the company surprised by adding Uber to the BBM application. Time will tell if BlackBerry can turn BBM users into BBMe fans.

PING !!!

Today is the last day to use BBM.

Thank you for all the support and memories that you have spent together with BBM.

As an alternative, you can use BBM Enterprise. See the following link for more details https://t.co/uKmBGP3CQI pic.twitter.com/BnwaoGYehc

– BBM (@BBM) May 31, 2019

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