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Breaking Sigma's weapons, skills and the latest • The Game House

It's official, Sigma is the 31st and newest hero of Overwatch.. With the announcement that comes with Seagull, fans were able to see his weapon, his skills and the latest and understand a little more about who Sigma really is. With more details now about the new character, here is a deeper look at his complete kit and the implications it can have for the current Overwatch goal.

Weapon: diverting orbs

These orbs are projectiles that bounce off the walls. Landing both in direct hits does 120 damage.

Shield: Experimental Shield

The shield can be deployed at a fixed speed, giving players the ability to rotate and protect from all angles. It has 1500 hp.

Skills: Accreditation and Damage Mitigation.

accretion: This ability is a mbad and is thrown at the enemy with a considerable amount of damage.

Damage mitigation: This makes it possible to absorb the Sigma shield from a result. It can convert damage to up to 800 total protections / health for Sigma.

Ultimate: Slam Anti-Gravity

Sigma's latest throws a character in the air, holds him for a second and then defeats him for damage.

Initial thoughts

From the stream, Jeff confirmed that this hero was actually going to be Mauga, until they started building the kit for Sigma. Sigma seems to be a tank hero who could break the bunker a lot and should be an exciting new addition to the list or heroes.

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