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Ivan Geshev announced a great danger for Bulgaria

Until the piracy attack with the NRA, the state underestimated this problem. Deputy Attorney General Ivan Geshev said this during a forum on cybersecurity and trademark abuse.

"We have to say quite frankly that in this case it can be clearly stated that the state so far, in front of all the authorities, has underestimated this problem. That is why I consider it particularly important that we are here today in this place. What I mean

Speaking with representatives of the Banking Association, one of his representatives said the following, which I qualified as accurate. It was that he was glad that "such a mbadive attack against the NRA has been carried out, which is one of the foundations of the state, because perhaps the state would not have reacted in this way and so quickly if a private company had been attacked" .

Until now I had not considered this vision of the situation, but I realized that there was a certain amount of truth, ”added Ivan Geshev.

According to him, the consequences of such an attack against a structuring company in the state, against a bank, could lead to even more serious consequences, which could be possible in the case of the NRA.

"Yes, two or three years ago, a bank was attacked in this way two or three, four times a day, for some banks and other commercial companies, there are currently several thousand attacks in Bulgaria. I am sure that the situation is not different in other business segments. This poses a serious danger, "Geshev said.

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