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CarPlay Dashboard to enable multiple applications in the fall – MacStories


According to Apple, CarPlay is currently available in 90% of all cars manufactured in the US. UU And 75% worldwide, which explains why the company announced it as the most important update for CarPlay since its introduction in 2014.

The update, which will be released in the fall with iOS 13, is dominated by a redesign or the CarPlay interface. In the current version of CarPlay, only one application is shown at a time and the use of Siri takes over the entire screen. The new user interface, which Apple is calling CarPlay Dashboard, allows two applications plus Siri suggestions or the Siri interface to be displayed at the same time.

During the demonstration, Apple showed Maps next to the music and Siri's suggestion to open a garage with a direct access from HomeKit. Although the applications can coexist side by side in the update, the demonstration also showed applications such as music that is used in full screen. Siri's familiar stylized sound wave pattern appeared below the Music and illustration controls, which is a good departure from the current system where the Siri user interface takes over the entire screen.

In another nice addition from Siri, the voice badistant will now work with third-party applications compatible with CarPlay such as Waze and Pandora. Currently, Waze has a separate button in the user interface of the application to activate voice control. That makes voice control more difficult and frustrating in third-party applications because everyone implements voice control a little differently. However, in the case, developers will be able to update their applications to take advantage of the same Siri hardware buttons in the car as Apple's applications.

The applications will also be added and updated. Apple introduced a new version of CarPlay from the iOS Calendar app, and the music has been redesigned to include the album art.

Apple did not say whether the update will be compatible with existing car entertainment systems, but as it is historically one of the CarPlay outlets, I hope it is. A renewed CarPlay was an unexpected surprise yesterday, and although I had the opportunity to try it, I like what was shown during the demonstration, especially the ability to keep Maps on the same screen as another application.

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