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Chicago prosecutors asked the police to stop investigating Jussie Smollett

The Office of the State Attorney of Chicago, led by Chief Prosecutor Kim Foxx, told local police to suspend their investigation of Jussie Smollett, although she did not have the authority to do so, according to public records and sources of the law.

The beleaguered office, which was allegedly collecting the police investigation after Smollett's allegation in the allegedly false racial hatred, never requested evidence that the police had based their case, according to documents released by the Department of Justice. Chicago Police on Thursday.

The revelations mark only two more cases in which the office extended between ethical lines and broke the protocol to pave the way for the supposed preferential treatment of the actor.

The documents detail the discussions of the police department with the Chief of the Office of Criminal Prosecutors, Risa Lanier, who was one of the prosecutors badigned to the case.

The Chicago police say in the documents that shortly after a grand jury indicted a felony criminal charge of disorderly conduct against Smollett, the prosecutor's office told them that "they could no longer investigate the crime."

Police sources told The Post on Friday that the directive was very unusual and that the prosecutor's office "had no authority" to ask the police to abandon the case. But the police followed the order.

The police added that they were asked to hand over to Lanier all the evidence and items that remained on their "to-do" list when asked, according to the mbadive public records dump.

That same day, Lanier told the department that he would "probably" send him a request for evidence by March 11. He never did, records show.

The documents also illuminate how the police department was tricked by Foxx's office to believe that Smollett would be prosecuted for allegedly lying to police that he was beaten by a pair of Trump-loving white men in a desolate corner near his home in Jan. 29

On the same day, the policemen were asked to stop investigating, Lanier told them he felt the case would be "solved" with community service and a $ 10,000 fine, which led the police to complete their final report. detective with the words The "settled" impression meant that there would be an acknowledgment of guilt, the documents say.

But on March 26, police were surprised when news broke that all Smollett charges were dismissed with little explanation or any plea of ​​guilty, leading the Chicago police chief to ask Foxx to resign. his handling of the case, which is currently being investigated by the city's inspector general at the request of Foxx.

The prosecutor's office did not return a request for comment.

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