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Chinese Police Probe Gun in FedEx Package


China stringer network / Reuters

Updated on August 18, 2019 12:59 p.m. ET

BEIJING – Chinese police are investigating the presence of a gun in a package sent by


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to China from the US UU., The last scrutiny directed to the US shipping company by the Chinese authorities.

The package was sent by an American client to a sportswear company in Fujian province in southern China, police said in the provincial capital of Fuzhou on Sunday.

Fuzhou police launched the investigation after receiving a report and confiscated the weapon, according to a microblog post by police in the Jinzhou District of Fuzhou. The publication did not name the client that sent the package or the receiving company.

Chinese law prohibits the delivery of firearms, and bringing firearms to the country requires a number of permits, including from public security and customs authorities.

FedEx did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

FedEx prohibits shipments of firearms outside the US UU., According to the company's service guide. At the national level, such shipments are allowed as long as the sender and the recipient meet certain criteria, such as compliance with licensing laws.

The Chinese authorities are already investigating FedEx for the mishandling of packages destined for Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co. The US delivery company. UU. He apologized for the mishandling, which occurred in May, and said he is cooperating with the authorities in that investigation.

State media accused FedEx of knowingly violating Chinese laws, noting that the alleged weapon was sent during the government's ongoing investigation into mishandled deliveries.

In its Sunday night newscast, China Central Television said FedEx must be severely punished for actions that "have seriously damaged China's public safety" and "are definitely not occasional operational errors." He asked the US company to cooperate with the investigation and account for his behavior

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