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Chris Jericho, Conrad Thompson give their side of Starrcast in case of no show

Conrad Thompson, who produced the Starrcast convention last weekend, said he did not know that Chris Jericho would not appear at the event until May 24, two days before his appearance on "Talk Is Jericho."

Thompson noted that he received a text message from Jericho on Friday afternoon before his appearance on Sunday afternoon announcing he could not come due to family plans.

Jericho had previously said that he had given the floor a month ago that he was not doing the program because he discovered that his segment would be broadcast on iPPV through FITE TV.

Jericho said they agreed that he would appear before the crowd with a fan speech where he would say he was not doing a Talk is Jericho show because he did not get a thank you in Double or Nothing. But, he said he discovered he had family plans for Sunday that he could not change and, instead, he sent a video, saying basically what he would have said if he had appeared live.

"It's not Conrad's fault that he did not show up," Jericho said. "That's all about me, but the live conversation is that Jericho never happened."

Thompson said that Jericho wanted to make an angle in the presentation and that that weekend they would realize what that would mean, but then on Friday, he sent the text and a video instead.

"We want to come and go, but in the end, he had no other choice," Thompson said.

Thompson said he sent a video to explain that he was not there, but the video could not be broadcast until after Double or Nothing was over, as he was talking about the outcome of the game with Kenny Omega in the past, as well as the post-match interview. match. .

"I could not publish exactly that before DON, although I had it hours before," Thompson said.

When the Talk is Jericho program was scheduled to begin, the fans were present and told that Jericho was not there and that instead he took out a cardboard cutout from Jericho.

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