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CVS apologizes after White Manager called Police on Black Customer

CVS apologized after a white store manager in Chicago called the police to a black customer who was trying to use a coupon that store staff accused of forgery. CVS said it is investigating the manager, who has been accused of fraud in a local political struggle.

The incident was first described on Facebook on Friday night by Camilla Hudson, the victim of 53 years, in a publication that quickly went viral (although according to Hudson, Facebook eliminated the publication for non-violent violations). specified).

Hudson, who is black, described the events in detail later to Block Club Chicago, saying that she joined CVS at 6150 North Broadway and attempted to make a purchase using an automated payment machine. He could not use a coupon for one of his items on the machine, and the store manager, Morry Matson, offered him help. He called a second manager, whose name is unknown. That manager, according to Hudson, accused her of forging the coupon she was trying to use.

"He was unpleasant, he was not professional, he was disdainful, he was an accuser," Hudson told the Block Club later. "All his tone and behavior was offensive and problematic."

Hudson asked managers to call CVS's corporate offices to solve the problem, and followed and filmed one of the managers when he walked away from her. He claimed to Block Club that he was not "screaming, he did not raise his voice, he did not use bad words". Matson then told Hudson that he had called the police.

Matson called the police for the second time while Hudson was nearby, capturing the video call.

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According to Block Club, the call was transmitted to the agents who responded as an "badault in progress". Hudson said the cops who arrived "were not horrible," but they did say that Matson had the authority to ask her out of the store, which she did.

CVS has apologized to Hudson, and now says he will conduct an investigation of the incident. The pharmacy chain also affirmed that "it does not tolerate any practice that discriminates against any client and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores". . . The profile or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited. "

Matson was allegedly a delegate of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, and has worked on behalf of Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTQ cohort of that party." Matson is also a candidate for alderman of the 48th district of Chicago. campaign literature found by Block Club, Matson emphasizes its alignment with the "silent majority", the "moral majority" and "law and order." Despite these alleged values, Matson was accused by the Board of Electoral Commissioners of Chicago for the falsification of signatures in an electoral measure.

Hudson connected his experience to a series of incidents, the most famous case was "Barbecue Becky", in which white spectators called the police about African-Americans for little or no reason A British tabloid has already dubbed Matson "Coupon Carl."

"As a woman, as a black woman, as a Chicago native, I'm tired of that," Hudson told Block Club. "I'm tired of that." [19659013].

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