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Destiny 2 Pre-E3 free download The new expansion of Shadowkeep returns to the moon


The final expansion of the content of Destiny 2's current annual pbad, Penumbra, falls today along with the Opulence Season, which means that the future of Bungie's live service shooter is currently unknown to players. Or at least, that was the case before the datamers began investigating the game's new patch, Update, and what they say are details about the upcoming expansion of Destiny 2, which is likely to be revealed as part of an event. before E3. this week

According to a Reddit post, the next new content that will arrive in Destiny 2 is called Shadowkeep, and this case should be abandoned. The expansion will take players to the Moon, a Destiny 1 location that until now has not been included in Destiny 2, where they will fight against the new variations of the Hive. Here is the full description in the image that the Redditors say they took from the files of the new update:

"The next chapter of the Destiny experience arrives this fall when the shadows terrify a forgotten moon, return to the lunar surface, travel to the depths of a mysterious enemy citadel, become a nightmarish killer."

Subtitles are not provided

Bungie recently announced plans for the next chapter of Destiny 2 on Thursday, June 6, apparently on a live broadcast. It's one of the many things that happen this week, along with a Nintendo Direct event focused on Pokémon and a Google Stages Connect event.

Return to the footprints of the moon with the story of Destiny 2 from Forsaken. In that expansion, Hive attacked the City of Dreams and is responsible for a time loop that keeps the location blocked in a three-week cycle, something players have been trying to break since the expansion was launched. The Hive has a significant presence on the moon in Destiny 1, so going back to that place would make sense as part of the Dreaming City story.

The question is, what exactly is Bungie's plan for Destiny 2 in the future? It is badumed that the developer still wants to launch in Destiny 3, as was the plan before its division with Activision. That game was the launch of a new generation of consoles that would also make sense. But does that mean that Bungie means launching a new annual pbad that would take the game to 2020? Or is there another bigger expansion on the road, more like Abandoned? And how big will Shadowkeep be, anyway?

The leak could tell us what to expect, but it seems that we are waiting for Bungie's announcement on Thursday to know all the details of the next episode of Destiny 2.

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