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Details of BioWare Anthem Delayed Cataclysm Event


With a new area, booty, game mechanics and more.

By Colin Stevens

Although the event The Cataclysm for Anthem has been delayed, now we know some more concrete details about this next content.

Revealed in a live broadcast on Twitch hosted by Ben Irving and Jesse Anderson of BioWare, The Cataclysm will be an eight-week event. The first two weeks are pre-events where players can win vanity items, and the core of the experience will occur during the next six weeks. It will consist of three new missions, a new area called The Cataclysm, new systems, rewards and more.

Unfortunately, the Cataclysm does not yet have an established release date.

Following the events of the critical path of the main game, Dominion's forces are in disarray and begin to feel desperate: an emerging faction with a new leader named Vara that triggers a Cataclysm. It is up to the freelancer to learn how this happened and how to silence it.

The developers showed a brief playability of The Cataclysm during the live broadcast. After leaving a safe bubble, the player enters a mbadive storm with waves and flying trees. The upper part of the screen shows a resistance bar that drains slowly as players expose themselves to Cataclysm, and if they reach safe areas quickly, they will suffer damage.

There are areas within the safe areas that have different criteria to complete them. Some arenas will be blocked at first, but will be available as the Cataclysm progresses. Players start The Cataclysm with a timer that they can extend when completing the objectives, while the main objective is to defeat Vara. Players can fly straight here and try to win, but they may not have enough time to win here without accumulating additional time.

The new scoring system adds a competitive element to the event. BioWare says that The Cataclysm can be defeated with relative ease, but players can not get better scores and multipliers by using tricks and finding special routes throughout the new content: defeating Vara doubles the player's score. Ultimately, scores will be recorded through the online leaderboards.

A new feature called inversions will be added, which essentially act as game modifiers and change every week. Examples of investments that include players 400% faster, shotguns can only double points, etc. This will be used for a variety of games throughout the Cataclysm, which is designed for four players and is designed to be accessible at all levels.

New types of weapons will be added, but they will be available at the start of The Cataclysm. Stronger Masterwork and Legendary support teams will be added, as well as scrum variants, and players will earn money by participating in the event, which can then be spent in Fort Tarsis war chests that rotate throughout The Cataclysm. The state of Luck will be eliminated from the game, and much more will be reduced for all if you were lucky; those who have luck configurations will have been replaced by an additional armor. All new items will have higher power levels, specifically, the Masterwork and Legendary objects will be five levels of higher elements.

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A public test server for Cataclysm will open next week for PC only and will probably last two to three weeks. Anyone who has Anthem on the PC or has a subscription to EA Origin Premiere will have access to the public test server, which will be their own separate client to download. The completed Cataclysm event will start when BioWare has determined that it is ready.

Earlier this week, BioWare released a great update for Anthem that included a lot of content "under the hood" for The Cataclysm. BioWare revealed in April that it was delaying The Cataclysm to prioritize things like bug fixes and stabilization.

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