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Europe’s sat-nav network crippled by ‘technical incident’

The GSA said that "experts are working to restore the situation as soon as possible." An Abnormality Review Board has been created immediately to badyze the exact root cause and implement recovery actions. Satellite navigation capabilities will not be available until further notice, he added. However, Galileo's ability to capture the distress messages for search and rescue still seems to be working.

The interruption will not make your navigation tasks less precise, but it is worrisome that a relatively new and technically sophisticated system may stop working for so long. According to the specialized satellite navigation site Inside GNSS (yes, that's one thing), the failure occurred in the Precise Timing Facility (PTF) in Italy, where all Galileo system clocks are calibrated and verified.

The EU built Galileo to give civilian and military alternatives to the US GPS. UU And to the GLONASS of Russia. The GSA launched the first satellite in 2005 and now has 26 of 30 operations. The service was put online in 2016, however, the system is still in a pilot phase, which means that it should not be used for mission critical situations. Hopefully, the EU can fix it and resolve the errors before it becomes fully operational.

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