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Exclusive: New Google Nest Wifi add and speaker assistant

Google plans to release an updated version of its router & # 39; Google Wifi & # 39; in its hardware showcase next month, according to sources familiar with the matter. In a configuration that differs from the first generation, the new router & # 39; Nest Wifi & # 39; It will be accompanied by Eero-esque beacons that function as badistant speakers …

In addition to the important addition of the Assistant speaker functionality, and the hardware required to enable it, there are many innovative changes with the new Nest Wifi. However, it will bring a new design; Our sources describe it as much more home-friendly and in line with other recent Google hardware. Google also plans to offer the device in 3 colors to meet the specific environment or aesthetic needs of your home.

Our sources say that Google is adopting a package similar to Eero with Nest Wifi. The multiple package of the first Google Wifi included multiple complete routers that connected to each other wirelessly, while the second generation Nest Wifi will offer a primary router along with other smaller beacons. However, these smaller beacons will work as badistant speakers, while the main router will not.

Eero offers a main router with smaller beacons

The Nest Wifi beacons that double as badistant speakers are almost identical in performance to the Google Home Mini / Nest Mini first and second generation, we are told, although the second generation Nest Mini will bring slightly improved speakers compared to the first generation, and the Nest Wifi can pick up those same improvements.

With the launch of Nest Wifi, the device is also earning some specific features of Google's Wifi Assistant. You can control your Nest Wifi network with your voice; A source told us that you can do things like pause the Internet in certain rooms or for specific devices. Of course, the usual Assistant functionality that you already know will also be available.

The second generation Nest Wifi, otherwise, will bring many of the same features of the first generation device. Expect the basic functionality of the mesh router to remain: easy to configure, connect it intelligently to the fastest point, make sure you use the fastest band for your device, automatically update and offer an intelligent network and family control.

The best news The old Google Wifi hardware can be mixed and combined with the new.

Expect Google to announce the Google Nest Wifi on October 15 at its annual Made by Google hardware presentation, along with the new Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, an updated Nest Mini and perhaps a second-generation Pixelbook. Stay tuned for more details as the event approaches.

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