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Farewell DirecTV Now, hello AT&T TV Now

The AT&T TV application will be available sometime in the "coming weeks", and existing customers will see the change take effect automatically through software updates. More details will come when the launch begins in earnest, AT&T said.

This saves you the trouble of downloading another application, and is more consistent with the AT&T strategy. DirecTV Now does not have much to do with satellite television, so why pretend otherwise? However, the added simplicity does not necessarily translate into clarity. Two services in one application can be confusing depending on the execution.

One thing is for sure: this decreases the power of the DirecTV brand. While there is no evidence that the main DirecTV service will disappear, you will not see the name if you are only interested in the broadcast. That could be significant in an era in which AT&T is rapidly bleeding up conventional TV customers (lost only 778,000 in the second quarter) and will increasingly depend on Internet video as a cornerstone of their business.

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