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Find your new home on Amazon.com and you could get a $5,000 credit

Amazon buyers can now start searching for their next home on Amazon.com.

This is because the tech giant has partnered with Realogy, the largest residential real estate brokerage company in the US. UU., To create a new service through which it links clients with real estate brokers. Those who use the service and buy a property are rewarded with a loan to spend on Amazon.

Customers sign up for the new service, TurnKey, on Amazon.com. They are asked to provide their details and the area where they are looking for a property and then presented to a real estate agent in that area. Amazon simply provides the platform for the customer to begin the search.

If this customer decides to buy the house through the TurnKey system, Amazon intervenes again, rewarding the customer with up to $ 5,000 for spending on a selection of Amazon Home Services (deep cleaning or maintenance staff, for example), as well as in smart-home Products like your Alexa devices. The size of this credit depends on the cost of the house: to get $ 5,000, you will have to buy a house that costs more than $ 700,000.

Amazon's credit is covered by Realogy, which clearly sees the value of having access to a large number of Amazon customers who might be looking for a new home.

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But Amazon also benefits, as it helps its smart devices reach the hands of more customers and spread the word about the home services it offers.

"Clients may feel overwhelmed when they move, and we are excited to work with Realogy to offer homebuyers a simplified way to settle in a new home," Pat Bigatel, director of Amazon Home Services, said in a statement to the press.

"Amazon's move-in benefit will allow homebuyers to adapt the offer to their needs, from helping to bademble furniture to installing smart home devices, deep cleaning and more."

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