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Foles says his wife encouraged him to return to Jags

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles said Friday he would not have returned to the team so soon after his wife suffered a miscarriage if she had not agreed to attend the organized activities. of the team.

"If my wife needed me at home right now, I would be at home, that's just being honest," Foles said. "She's the one who said:" Go, the team needs you now. "She knows I'm going to go home immediately. [after practice]. So that's her. It really is as simple as that.

"If she says," I need you to stay home, "I'll call the team right now and just say that I need to be home, the best thing is that the team said everything I need, whatever it is that needs They understand, they've been wonderful, but at the same time, my wife knows it too, she wants me to be here because we're building something here. "

Foles said during a press conference in April that the couple was expecting their second child, but Tori Foles announced on Wednesday night on Instagram that she had gone into premature labor on Sunday morning with only 15 weeks and was hospitalized.

"Emotions come and go from an immense and overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger to a firm belief that God has all this in his hands and will use it for good," Tori Foles wrote. "We can not always understand or explain, but we know that's true."

Foles did not attend the activity organized by the Jaguars team on Tuesday, but returned to the building on Thursday morning. He said he returns home after practice to be with his wife and daughter. Foles also said that his mother-in-law has been in town and that his mother will be arriving soon, so there are many relatives who support his wife when he is on the team's premises.

Foles said he is surprised how his wife, who was a volleyball player in Arizona, has handled the recent tragedy, especially since she is already battling chronic POTS disease (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). It is a condition that affects blood circulation and can cause dizziness, fainting and a rapid increase in heartbeat.

"She is much stronger than ever," said Foles. "She has gone through a lot, and people do not realize … She was in bed, in hospitals, she struggles with it every day."

"We've been through a lot this past couple of years, we're going through this now, but she's very strong, it's amazing."

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