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Ford targets Tesla with its new electric-truck claim

On Tuesday, Ford released a video of an all-electric F-150 truck prototype that towed 1.25 million pounds of double-decker cars with 42 Ford pickups.

Source: Ford

DETROIT – Ford is launching the offensive to defend its highly profitable collection franchise from new electric truck competitors like Tesla.

A month after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tesla's planned electric pickup "would be better than an F-150 in terms of truck capacity" during a podcast, Ford posted a video of an F truck on Tuesday. -150 fully electric. prototype truck that tow 1.25 million pounds of double-decker cars with 42 F-150 trucks.

The towing weight shown in the video is approximately four times more than Musk's 300,000 pounds tweeted that Tesla's truck could tow last year. However, Ford soon revealed that the video is a demonstration of capacity and "far beyond the published capacity of any production truck."

"This demonstration shows our commitment to remain the clear leader in trucks, as well as to highlight our commitment to the future of electric vehicles," wrote Ted Cannis, Ford's global electrification director, in a Medium post that accompanies the video. .

The publication of such a video is a rare practice for Ford, which would not traditionally advertise much, in any case, about a vehicle that remains years of production. It shows how important Ford is to maintain its leadership in sales with the F Series, even for fully electric trucks, according to Michelle Krebs, senior badyst at Cox Automotive.

"The F Series is everything for Ford. It is the source of revenue for Ford," Krebs said. "The company would be a niche car manufacturer if it didn't have the F Series."

Ford's overall business depends heavily on its F-Series truck, which has been the best-selling truck in the United States for 42 years and the best-selling vehicle in the country for 37 years. Ford sold more than 1 million F-Series trucks worldwide in 2018, with an average of sales every 29.3 seconds.

"We take very seriously the delivery of an electric van that establishes a new bar for what light trucks can offer, not in the scientific sense of the project, but in the reality of what difficult trucks should do," Cannis wrote. .

While fully electric vehicles remain a niche market and no major automaker has launched a fully electric pickup, the noise around EV pickups has increased as non-traditional automakers, such as Tesla and Rivian backed by Amazon, prepare to enter the segment.

"All this discussion about the electric vehicle van has become a skill game," said Krebs. "Ford is not going to let Tesla remain without opposition."

All electric Ford F-150 truck.

Source: Ford

The Director General of General Motors, Mary Barra, confirmed earlier this year that the Detroit automaker is also developing a fully electric van, however, the vehicle is expected to be still years away.

The fully electric F-150 prototype used in the Ford video is separated from the next all-electric truck that Ford announced in April as part of a $ 500 million investment in Rivian, based in Plymouth, Michigan.

Compared to pickups with traditional internal combustion engines that use gasoline and diesel, fully electric trucks are expected to offer greater instant torque for towing and transport, as well as other applications in the workplace for fleet and truck buyers. work. Not to mention, zero emissions.

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