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Furious passengers on Ryanair after the pressure drop forces landed

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BERLIN – Pbadengers of the budget airline Ryanair expressed their anger on Saturday at the way the company treated them after an unscheduled landing in Germany that forced dozens to seek hospital treatment. 19659004] In interviews with German and Irish media, pbadengers described moments of terror when their plane – flying from Dublin to Zadar, Croatia, on Friday night – came down suddenly, following what Ryanair said was a drop in the pressure of the cabin.

Oxygen masks fell from the roof and pbadengers reported intense pain in their ears until the plane leveled and landed at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

Minerva Galvan Domenech of Spain told the Spiegel Online news website that pbadengers, some of them bleeding from their ears or nose, had to wait 45 minutes before being allowed to leave the plane.

German police said that 33 of the 189 pbadengers on board were taken to a nearby location. hospital after complaining of headaches, earaches and nausea. Everyone could leave again on Saturday morning.

The pbadenger Conor Brennan told the Irish Times newspaper that "airport staff and the Red Cross did everything possible to handle the situation, since Ryanair was not seen." 19659004] "They really showed a surprising lack of empathy for their clients, almost bordering on the inhuman," he said, as quoted.

Galvan Domenech said that many pbadengers had to spend the night at the airport, some of them lying on the ground, according to Spiegel Online.

Ryanair said that pbadengers received refreshment coupons but that there was "a shortage of available accommodations." Frankfurt-Hahn has long been an important base for Ryanair.

A replacement flight took some of the pbadengers to Croatia on Saturday.

Ryanair has been persecuted for accusations of poor service and poor treatment of staff. Last week, Ryanair pilots in Ireland organized their first attack and two more strikes are planned, July 20 and July 24.

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