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Hey Chicken Little, the sky is not falling, but the phones with Apple’s iPhone are

It is better to cover your head or wear a helmet while walking outside. Apple iPhone models literally fall from the sky. In recent weeks, in a couple of separate events, one iPhone fell more than 1,000 feet from a plane and another fell 450 meters from one of Orlando's tallest attractions. Both devices survived. In the clip at the top of this article, you see images recorded by Cansel Yildirim, who was taking video with his Apple iPhone 7 Plus while riding StarFlyer on International Drive in Orlando with a friend. And then, the phone, which was not protected by a case, escaped Yildirim's hand.

The iPhone 7 Plus captured the 450-foot descent on a rotating color carousel. The phone must have landed face up because the FaceTime camera managed to capture the trip from scratch, leaving viewers with an idea of ​​how far the phone fell.

The second event was reported by WHO TV of Ohio. The news report can be seen in the video below. On July 3, Sarvinder Naberhaus and his friend Donna Johnson paid to take an old biplane for an aerial tour. While 1,000 feet in the air, Naberhaus took out his iPhone and kept it away from the windshield protection. Suddenly, the wind took it from his hand.

When they landed, Naberhaus tried to use the "Find my iPhone" function, but at the beginning it was not successful. She gave him a second blow and behold, his iPhone was located. With a borrowed phone, she called her device, expecting to hear it ring. And, of course, he found his iPhone lying in the tall grbad. Surprisingly, the phone did not just work, there were no scratches on it.

We're not telling you to run out the door of your house with a net to catch an iPhone that falls, but you may want to look up. sky every once in a while to make sure that an iOS phone does not go to your head.

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