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IKEA Wants to Sell You Robotic Furniture for Your Tiny Apartment


Furniture, Riding!

Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has partnered with US startup Ori to create a line of robotic furniture that allows people to "create the houses of their dreams in small spaces."

The ROGNAN line optimizes a limited number of square feet by converting the space into a modular and adaptable living room. A video shows a closet-sofa combination that can hide a bed under itself to save space.

Retrench of space

The system can also be moved forward and backward thanks to a set of wheels with buttons below. The part of the closet can fit a ton of your stuff without losing a square foot of space.

In total, the new all-in-one "Transformers" style can save a bed, a sofa, a large storage capacity and even a desk in a space of approximately 115 square feet (10 square meters), according to Engadget – which means that even the smallest bachelor pad could fit into one of those.


The ROGNAN robotic furniture line will go on sale in IKEA stores next year. IKEA will publish more information and details later this summer.

The furniture manufacturer has recently appeared in the news for announcing new and innovative products that go beyond the limits of what we consider furniture, or, at least, discover our ways to make efficient use of your small dystopian apartment.

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