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iPod touch seventh generation review: faster CPU and more RAM memory

Earlier this week, the iPod touch received a modest update, which came with little fanfare through an Apple press release. The new seventh-generation iPod touch has few new features, but it has an increase in CPU specifications that takes it from an Apple A8 of the iPhone 6 era to an A10 Fusion iPhone 7 chip, not to mention the double RAM of the previous generation.

New hardware upgrades mean iPod touch users can enjoy Augmented Reality (AR) applications along with Group FaceTime capability for the first time. There is also a new level of 256GB flash storage, another first for the iPod line. This means that in 2019, there is finally an iPod that is the 160 GB iPod Clbadic in terms of storage space.

While the iPod touch is the mbadive market element that was once the product line, Apple believes there is still a viable audience for that device. Apple is not only ideal for storing large music libraries locally, but with the upcoming launch of the new Apple Arcade subscription game service, Apple continues to position the iPod touch as a handheld game option.

Having said all this, should you consider buying this new iPod touch? Watch our practice video review for details.

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It's been several years since I started using iPod touch, so I was looking forward to unpacking the new seventh generation model. Like previous versions of iPod touch, this latest version is shipped inside a clear plastic container with a Springboard label that covers the screen that has been modernized to represent iOS 12.

Inside the container, you'll find iPod touch, Apple documentation and decals, wired headset with 3.5mm headphone jack and Lightning to USB cable. Like previous versions, you must supply your own power block to charge the device.

iPod touch (2019) video review

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Initial impressions

If you have been using modern iPhones from the X era, then the iPod touch will seem somewhat old in appearance and functionality. Visually, it looks exactly like the sixth generation model.

Unboxing iPod Touch 7

For starters, the iPod touch is small and has a 4-inch screen similar to that of an iPhone SE. If you have been using an iPhone for a couple of years, the iPod touch screen will look small. It also includes the contrast ratio and the extensive color support found in modern iPhone hardware.

Unboxing iPod touch 7 headphones and Lightning cable

However, the small screen is not necessarily a bad thing, as it makes the device more portable and easier to hold in the hand. That's a particularly nice feature for younger children with smaller hands. Just keep in mind that showing content on iPod touch is almost as immersive as today's 5.8 to 6.5-inch iPhones.

iPod touch 7 in hand

iPod touch seventh generation start button

Like any previous iPod touch, the seventh model of sports and physical, touch, start button. After using exclusively the iPhone XS, along with the latest iPad Pro of recent months, having a physical home button is like stepping back in time.

iPod touch 7 without touch ID

It would not be like that if the iPod touch had a built-in touch-sensitive ID, but the device has a variety of biometric authentication, forcing it to rely on security codes for security. Of all the things that iPod touch ignores, I miss Touch ID. I do not have a Face ID, but Touch ID would have made the experience much better.

iPod touch 7 start button

iPod touch 7th generation performance

But at least there is a lot of speed thanks to the A10 Fusion chip on the iPod touch, and a market update on the old A8 CPU released in the 2015 model. The A8 feels frankly pedestrian in this day and age, the A10, despite If you are a few years old, you still have a bit of courage ahead of you.

iPod touch 7 Geekbench

The benchmark scores are for all tastes, but the hardware is reasonably fast and provides enough power for most modern games and applications.

Geekbench iPhone 7

Results of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus A10 Fusion Geekbench

Compared to the iPhone 7, Apple seems to have restored the performance of the A10 on iPod touch, which probably helps with battery life. This makes the difference between the iPod touch and the iPhone SE of A9 a bit closer than initially expected.

iPhone SE vs iPod touch Geekbench

iPhone SE A9 (left) vs iPod touch A10 Fusion

The new iPod touch also has 2 GB of RAM for the first time in the history of the product line. Out of the updated CPU, Apple's new attractive feature is the amount of Apple memory from 1GB to 2GB. A memory or memory has historically been the Achilles heel of the iPod touch and the 2019 model solves this problem.

iPod touch 7th gen camera

iPod touch seventh generation camera

In an effort to keep costs down, Apple has resisted the new iPod touch with new cameras. That means it has the same hardware with low power images or its predecessor.

Photo of the iPod touch.

Image captured with iPod touch

Neither the 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera nor the f / 2.4 8MP rear camera impress at this time, but it is enough to survive with Group FaceTime, AR support, and basic image and video capture.

rear camera of iPod touch

As it stands, the iPod touch 7 layers behind devices like the iPhone SE in terms of rear camera quality. The camera of the iPhone SE is not only denser in pixels, but has a faster opening and includes the ability to record videos in 4K.

iPod touch 7th generation of Group FaceTime and support AR

The sixth-generation iPod touch lacks support for Group FaceTime and AR applications, the new iPod touch 2019 supports both functions. In fact, these are two of the main marketing points that Apple uses in its revised page of the iPod touch product.

iPod touch 7 Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime is a feature released during the iOS 12 command, which allows more than 30 participants to join a FaceTime call simultaneously. The previous iPod touch is compatible with Group FaceTime audio, but now iPod touch users can enjoy the video side of Group FaceTime conversations.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality, which was launched the previous year, provides perceptual information generated by computer within a real-world environment. There is also a wide variety of compatible applications available in the App Store, many of them with an educational touch, but the 4-inch screen is very small. dispositives.

An ideal partner of Apple Arcade?

IPod touch has long been positioned as a handheld device, but only now, with the upcoming launch of the Apple Arcade subscription service, I think Apple is taking iOS games seriously.

Asphalt 9

Apple Arcade, which is scheduled to land later this fall, will include more than 100 new games, and will allow users to play offline or online, and jump between iOS, Mac and Apple TV devices.

Apple Arcade

With the offline appearance of the service, the iPod touch seems to be a solid companion portable Apple Arcade. Users can access a large part of the Apple Arcade library at any time via iPod touch. If Apple Arcade lives up to its potential, it could help drive the hardware to an even wider audience.

9to5Mac socket

IPod touch does not come close to iPhone or iPad numbers, but it should be enough to justify Apple updating. From what I understand, much of that demand comes from the retail sector and the company's warehouses (for POS and for inventory purposes).

iPhone XS Max vs. ipod touch

The iPhone XS Max dwarfs iPod touch.

IPod touch, the cheapest and smallest iOS device Apple sells, will also attract parents with small children. Its versatility and performance should not be overlooked as an economic platform for games and education.

iPod touch 7th generation vs iPhone SE

Having said that, I think those looking for a small, multiple-use iOS device should seriously consider an iPhone SE restored instead of the iPod touch 7. The SE not only works like a phone with cellular connectivity, but it has a much better camera , and is compatible with tactile identification. In terms of performance, the iPod touch with its Apple A10 fusion chip is more powerful than the A9 chip in the iPhone SE, but Apple seems to have backed up the CPU on the iPod touch, perhaps considering the battery life.

Would you consider buying on iPod touch in 2019? If so, with what purpose? Download the comments below with your thoughts.

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