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Is this the most delicate dining room in the world? The request for an extra-long restaurant goes viral

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By Erica Chayes Wida

A chef who reportedly works at an elegant restaurant in New York City, recently prepared a meal that could take the cake for the most delicate order of all time.

On Monday, Anna Silman, senior writer of culture at The Cut, of New York magazine, posted a photo of a request for a hamburger that her friend (who is a chef) allegedly received in her kitchen. While a hamburger may seem simple enough, the changes made to the original dish went beyond the usual substitutions.

In the photo, the kitchen bill shown says that this particular hamburger had to be medium in size, with "no cheese, no salad, no salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper … no ingredients, without dressings, without bacon, without pickles, without onions, without bread, without lettuce ". So, basically, nothing.

In case that was not clear enough, the client specified that the hamburger had to be "absolutely simple" and then specified that he wanted a "just plain" empanada.

Oh, and they also specified, "This is for a dog."

While such a complicated order may have received many moans and moans from the murderous tweeters if it was for a very delicate person, the people were really very moved. Hey, it's hard not to be when a professional chef is more than willing to serve the hairiest member of a family.

Many people wrote candid messages about spoiling their own pets, especially in circumstances where the cat or dog was sick or facing their last days.

The morning that I had to put my chihuahua to sleep, he ate cake with icing (lots of icing) for breakfast.

– Dexter the dog (@dexter_doggie) May 28, 2019

Several people had fun putting words in the dog's mouth (presumably) demanding.

Steve, when I checked my blood pressure tonight I was high. Was my salty burger?

– Eric David (@ericmdavid) May 27, 2019

In truth, who would not want to know exactly what your puppy says with those puppy-dog eyes?

Some people thought that the order was a little exaggerated for an animal, even a beloved pet.

Mine would eat a lavish hamburger from a New York restaurant or his own poop with equal joy and enthusiasm.

– The_??? (@the_rbf) May 28, 2019

Although Silman did not disclose the name of her chef or her restaurant, she did receive a request from a tweeter who asked if she could celebrate her dog's birthday at the "extremely elegant" establishment.

Really, could no one resist that hairy face ?!

So for all the people who enjoy making some changes to their food orders, the city of New York is clearly the place to go. While some high-level restaurant chefs kindly ask customers to avoid altering the menu items that have been cleverly cured, others seem to be quite open to it, especially if that dish is for a furry friend.

Erica Chayes Wida

Erica Chayes Wida is a food journalist and writer based in New York City obsessed with culture, poetry and travel. Follow his work in Contently.

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