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Jenelle Evans says that the relationship with mother Barbara is "destroyed". in the midst of the tension of the custody battle


Jenelle Evans says she's finished with her mother, Barbara Evans, after an altercation outside a North Carolina courtroom on Tuesday.

The first Teen mother 2 The star and her mother were captured by the camera after a hearing on the custody of Jenelle and her husband David Eason of their children, where you could see Jenelle attacking Barbara after she tried to stop him from greeting Ensley, 2 years.

"I feel that my relationship with my mother is destroyed at this time," Jenelle said in a statement to We weekly After the video surfaced. "This is not a way for a mother to treat her daughter, she struggles so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones who have the biggest problems, not me."

The first video published by TMZ He showed the 27-year-old girl arguing with her mother while holding the girl.

"I'm right outside the courthouse, giving my daughter a hug," Jenelle told her mother outside the courtroom. "If you have a problem with that, go find an officer because she's obviously not scared.

Then, Barbara told Jenelle that the girl would "go hungry" because she only has half an hour to go get her lunch.

"It's just for the cameras," Barbara added as she and Jenelle walked toward the car.

When the paparazzi approached her, Jenelle said: "I am happy that this moment has arrived. [Barbara] blocked my number. "

Barbara currently has custody of Jenelle's children, Jace and Ensley, after a judge ordered the children of Jenelle and David Eason to be removed from the house following an investigation by Child Protective Services.

While Jace and Ensley are being looked after by Barbara, Kaiser is staying with her father's mother Nathan Griffith, and Maryssa is being taken care of by the side of her mother's family.

A source said Ashley's reality summary that the couple is only trying to regain custody of Kaiser and Ensley in the middle of the drama.

"Jenelle and David had a supervised visit in the visitor center with the four children today," the source said last week. "Jace and Ensley were there, like Kaiser, Maryssa came but refused to see David, so he left."

"He said he finished with Maryssa and that she can stay with her grandmother forever," they added.

Barbara has kept fans up to date on how they care for the children, sharing several Instagram photos of Jace and Ensley enjoying the summer in the middle of the controversy.

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