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Jimmy Kimmel on Trump: He knows we're watching his tweets, right? | Culture

The hosts of the night ridiculed Donald Trump for his latest collapse of Twitter and discussed the dispute between the Democrats over the fight to contest it.

Jimmy Kimmel

On Jimmy Kimmel Live !, the host referred to the latest breakdown of the president's social networks as a "category 5 tweet storm" after he claimed that Russia helped him get elected before eliminating the tweet.

"He knows we're watching his tweets, right?" Kimmel asked. "Is it possible all this time that you thought you were texting Eric? If you want everyone to stop talking about Russia, then maybe you will not start a tweet with Russia, Russia, Russia."

Then he tried to explain the situation in terms that everyone can understand. "Basically, Russia is Lori Loughlin, Trump is her daughter and the election was a rowing scholarship for USC," he said.

During a manic exchange with journalists, Trump said the accusation was a dirty, disgusting and disgusting word. "And he knows dirty, dirty and disgusting words," Kimmel said. "In fact, it's recorded on a tape with a lot of them on a bus."

Kimmel also said that during Trump's comments, while shouting about the sound of a helicopter, he was in "full supervillain mode".

Trevor Noah

The daily show

Accusation: so dirty, so dirty, so … happening? pic.twitter.com/QB7zkNgwv2

May 31, 2019

In the Daily Show, Trevor Noah spoke about the press conference of Robert Mueller. "It was so big that they even had a part-time show," he joked. "Fun fact: the entire Mueller report is actually written on Adam Levine's torso."

The reaction of many of the 2020 candidates was to see Mueller's comments as a signal that they should seek impeachment. "I can not believe how much Mueller's press conference has emboldened the Democrats," he said. "You realize that a week ago they were considering the challenge, and now they're totally in. It's like your grandmother was finally ready to receive an email address and, a week later, they accused her of hacking the Pentagon." . "

He also joked about Trump referring to the word impugnation as dirty, dirty and disgusting. "I think Trump wants to hit that word," he said.

While many Democrats want to press ahead with Trump's accusation, Nancy Pelosi has advocated moderation. "She's like that gray-haired police chief who needs to calm the novice cops," he said.

Noah went on to say that he understands his reason for being. "You want people to think about other things than political judgment: women's rights, free universities, universal health care, a Hemsworth in every house, all the big promises," he said. "If the Democrats can keep everyone focused on the problems, they are more likely to beat Trump."

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