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John Gotti III broadcasts major league opportunities before the debut of UFC Fight Pass

Do not let the quick-finishes of John Gotti III fool you: he's still in no hurry to make the jump to the big leagues.

Gotti has taken care of the business in his three professional matches so far, winning each one by knockout and in increasingly shorter times. More recently, it only took 28 seconds to hit Josh Zuckerman in an MMA program at Clbadic Entertainment & Sports.

Combined with his infamous surname (Gotti is the grandson of the famous New York crime boss, John Gotti), it is understandable that welterweight has attracted much attention. According to his father, John Jr., not only local fans have been interested in the progress of Gotti, since the great promotions have already arrived.

Gotti makes his debut in the UFC Fight Pbad on Friday at CES 56 in Hartford, Connecticut, against David Espino (3-2), his most experienced opponent so far. Even if he registers another outstanding KO, Gotti, who divides the time between Panza MMA on Syosset and Long Island MMA, has a plan and he sticks to it.

"It's about patience for me," Gotti told MMA Fighting when asked how he would react if the UFC called tomorrow. "I'll know exactly when I'm ready, I train with enough guys, guys like Gregor Gillespie, and Ryan LaFlare, and the Chris Wades of the world, I see the level these guys are in and I'm making progress every day, progressing every day in my game. I'll know exactly when it's ready, I'm not in a hurry here.

"I'm looking to get as many fights as I can on the regional circuit here, we hope to get some solid rounds against hard and tough competition, and when the time comes, I'm a big believer in not rushing anything, being patient, and everything will fit accordingly. "

The Gottis have an agreement in agreement with MMA CES promoter Jimmy Burchfield Sr., and so far have established a confidence that Gotti III will continue to fight there as long as it is convenient for all parties involved. The greenest pastures have already signaled and John Jr. says they have talked to Bellator, although they do not expect John III to move there or any other renowned promotion until 2020.

"He has been approached by several different promotions, including Bellator," said John Gotti Jr. "My son John, he's doing what he's supposed to do, he's taking it easy and pleasant, he's growing every day. more and more and his fight has developed by leaps and bounds, his blows have always been precise, John has always been a tremendous fan, so now his struggle has grown by leaps and bounds.

"It's really at the pace of John and probably next year will be the year he's going to jump and there will be much bigger fights."

John Jr. added that Burchfield wanted to push Gotti to the CES main event scene immediately, no doubt to capitalize on Gotti's rich family history, but the wrestler's team has refused to favor the placement of more profile cards. low.

Working with teams like kickboxing coach Derek Panza and UFC veteran Ryan LaFlare, Gotti has put his trust in his team to handle the business end of things while focusing on improving and staying in shape. And even though John has been lifting weights since he was a teenager, diet has not always been easy in an Italian family.

"They did not show me mercy in my house," said Gotti. "They have Sunday dinners and I have five brothers and sisters, so everyone likes to eat, just like I. I can not wait until the fight ends with just eating, going out with my father and eating some pizza or all that. That comes with the territory, you have to be disciplined.

"There will be temptations late at night to get certain foods and snacks, and you just have to work with them, you have to say: 'A few more weeks and you'll have your time'. But they do not show mercy in my House , they eat, eat, eat all day. "

Although Gotti has been reluctant to advance the competition too quickly, he will be exposed to a wider audience anyway at CES 56, which will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pbad. It may take a while for Gotti to see the UFC letters next to his name in another capacity, but he is enjoying the fan base that has grown so far.

"It's always good to draw positive attention and do positive things, I do not care at all," said Gotti. "I block most of those things for the most part, however, I'm just focused on myself, everything that worries me is my training and my diet and all that, it's definitely great to fight in UFC Fight Pbad. to a wider audience and it's a great platform, I'm looking forward to it. "

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