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Kenny Rogers hospitalized, responds to rumors that he is close to death.

Kenny Rogers, country music star, has been admitted to a Georgia hospital for dehydration, according to his official Twitter account.

A declaration Published on Friday by his team, he said he would remain there during physical therapy to "regain his strength" before being discharged.

The statement said the 80-year-old singer and actor appreciated the fans' good wishes and wanted to badure everyone that he "plans to stay for years to come."

"Kenny was recently admitted to a local hospital in Georgia and received treatment for dehydration," the statement said on social media.

"Rogers will remain there to complete a physical therapy to regain his strength before discharge, he appreciates the concern and good wishes he has received from his fans and can badure everyone he plans to stay for years to come."


The gruff voice baladeer retired from the tour in 2017 after a 60-year career spanning jazz, folk, country and pop, with hits like "The Gambler", "Lucille" and "Lady".

There has been much speculation that the music legend is seriously ill. In 2018, he faced a serious health problem that forced the Hall of Fame of country music to retire from his long-awaited farewell tour.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers
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"Kenny Rogers has been working on a series of health problems and has been recommended to cancel all actions until the end of the year to focus on recovery," Rogers said in a statement at the time.

"I did not want to take forever to retire," he added. "I really enjoyed this opportunity to say goodbye to the fans over the past two years on the tour & # 39; The Gambler & # 39; s Last Deal & # 39;".

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