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King of monsters swallows $ 6.3M on Thursday night – Deadline

Update for updates: Warner Bros./Legendary's Godzilla: king of monsters I ate $ 6.3M last night.

How does that compare with other legendary bestial films: it's lower than in 2014 Godzilla previews of $ 9.3 million (started at 8 p.m.) and superior to March 2017 Kong: Skull Island ($ 3.7M of shows at 7pm) and March 2018 Rising from the Pacific shore sequel ($ 2.35M). The first study Godzilla It took a Friday of 38.4 million dollars (of which its previews represented 24%) and went on to make a total of $ 93.1 million. Kong: Skull Island he drew an opening day of $ 20.1M (previews represented 18%) and 3 days of $ 61M.

Godzilla: the king of monsters The RT score is at 41% Rotten. From certain realms with pre-sale knowledge, we are listening Godzilla and friends are Teflon-proof compared to reviews, and could meet or exceed their projection of more than $ 50 million. We'll see. The photo is played in 4,108 theaters today. The hope here for many is that this weekend at the box office will not be a scenario of having and not having between the poles and the lower budget films, in short, the counter programming is ready to finally work with the Paramount movie. MARV Rocketman and Universal / Blumhouse & # 39; s Mom.

The rear photo, a re-equipment between AidTate Taylor and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer won $ 1.4M in 2,400 theaters the night before, starting time that began at 7PM. Pic expands to 2,808 today. Comparable foreseeable gross data includes the Blumhouse originals as The visit ($ 1.02M), Truth or Dare ($ 750K), as well as The Acrimony of Tyler Perry ($ 1M).

Among the films that are already at stake yesterday, Disney Aladdin it was No. 1 with $ 6.5M, -14%, for a cumulative total of $ 142.8M in its first week.


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