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Magic's skeleton reached the grave, grabbed a microphone and screwed the Lakers

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At this point, I am ready to believe anything about Magic Johnson's ability to ruin the Los Angeles Lakers, which, according to a new report by The Athletic, was not lost with his departure from the team's main office.

The NBA reporter, Sam Amick and the Clippers, beat writer Jovan Buha, published a long article detailing how Kawhi Leonard opted for the Clippers this summer. Kawhi's trade and signature were official.

The second part includes a bit about how Magic Johnson, the former president of Lakers basketball operations, was the man who finally closed the Kawhi Leonard draw team. According to a "person involved in the process," it was Magic's big mouth that cost the most famous team in Los Angeles:

I really believe that when Magic started telling the media about the meeting he had with Kawhi and Dennis, that sealed the fate of the Lakers. I think it was just there that Dennis and Kawhi decided that we cannot trust the Lakers as an organization. And that was it. I think that was all for them. "

This would not even be the first time that Magic's propensity to speak to the public got him into trouble. Remember, he was under investigation for manipulating several times while working for the Lakers, and his enthusiasm for meeting with Kawhi could have gotten out of hand, making him a gossip that he simply can't wait to share the latest secret. His desk.

But when we found out again and again during free agency, however, there was a lot of smoke and there was no fire in Kawhi Leonard's summer. The scores of the NBA reporters, including our old friend Chris Broussard, were wrong about Kawhi's plans, including the removal of the Clippers at the beginning of the process.

This latest report feels like a continuation of that trend; nobody really knows anything about the most unknown superstar in the NBA, but everyone is willing to throw darts against the wall in hopes of hitting. Amick is generally reliable when it comes to NBA shuffles, but at this point it is hard to trust that someone really knows something about why Kawhi chose the Clippers.

Therefore, take Athletic Report with a grain of salt. As it is likely that Magic could not stop talking, it is more likely that this is a source of the Lakers who tries to save the face of the team after tenants were lost from the arena of a brand-free agent shockingly. . Blaming Magic, a poor, sweet and unconscious magic, is an easy way to spread the apparent reality that Kawhi did not want to play in a super-team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and instead chose to give Paul George a life . Preserve and save him from the sinking SS Thunder.

And yet, what a world it would be, where Magic Johnson – the legend of the Lakers, the NBA royalty, Captain Obvious – cost his beloved purple and gold a chance to the three greatest grand in the history of the NBA with an open mouth.

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