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Meek Mill accepts apologies from The Cosmopolitan for the threat of arrest

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Hotel Cosmo says we're wrong

… Meek accepts apology

5/31/2019 1:42 PM PDT


2:15 PM PT – Meek has just accepted the cosmopolitan's apology. His lawyer, Joe Tacopina, he tells TMZ, "We appreciate Cosmopolitan's apology and we will no longer seek legal recourse at this time."

meek mill He has received the public apology promised by The Cosmopolitan.

The hotel and casino in Las Vegas says … "We apologize to Meek Mill for how we handled the situation on Saturday, May 25, since we did not act in a respectful way and we were wrong."

The Cosmo continues … "Meek Mill has not had any previous incident on our property, Cosmopolitan has zero tolerance for discrimination and we are proud to provide an inclusive environment and we look forward to welcoming Meek Mill back to the resort."

Meek is expected to publish soon that he accepts the apology, and we are told that the threat of a lawsuit will disappear.

As we told you … Cosmo was. wait for repentance to be expressed and accept the blame for ordering the rapper off his property last Saturday and threatening to arrest him for paving if he did not comply. The video of the incident showed a security guard telling Meek that it was due to a previous incident … but did not give details. Now, they say that there was never a "previous incident".

The lawyer of meek Joe Tacopina, stated that it was a clear case of racial discrimination and defamation, and implied that the hotel, and several others in Las Vegas, have a blacklist of black hip-hop artists circulating. O.J. Simpsonlawyer and Snoop DoggPeople approached him and said that Cosmo had also mistreated them.

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