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Monster Hunter World & # 39; s Behemoth Fight First video game

By Tanner Dedmon

The Behemoth of Final Fantasy XIV arrives at Monster Hunter World and a new game video shows how the fight against the powerful creature will look once it invades the Capcom game.

Any player of Final Fantasy versed in the MMO will know that Behemoth is a formidable opponent, and it looks like it will go no different in Monster Hunter World . Capcom carried out a live broadcast recently, where he showed a first look at the monster that is fighting in the game, a perspective different from that shown in a previous trailer. The sequence was preserved by those like Arekkz Gaming in the video that shows the players fighting the Behemoth. The content was not originally shared in English, so although you can see the transmission without the comments here, you may not end up learning as much.

Although the Behemoth fight will not be played exactly as in Final Fantasy there are some elements of the game that are imported to Monster Hunter World . Players will have to juggle aggro as needed when fighting against Behemoth with those more tank characters who can take more damage if they take the brunt of the attack while other traffickers do their job.

There is also the objective that the Behemoth is working towards, or at least one that you will want to prevent it from achieving. There is a movement that uses the one that calls a great meteor to the battlefield, and if you let the monster reach that rock, it will invoke even more missiles to hit the players and possibly cause an instant sweep given the range it has. That's where the importance of keeping aggro comes in so that players can distract it enough to prevent that victory condition from happening.

That's just part of the battle with the full video that shows that Behemoth does much more than just try to get to their special rock. With fire attacks that cause the earth to erupt, sweep bars and furious blows on the ground, the Behemoth is a constant flurry of attacks.

Brave Hunters and Warriors of Light, take up arms! The legendary Behemoth enters the New World on August 1 (5 p.m. PT) / August 2 (1 a.m. p.m. BST). #MHWorld pic.twitter.com/kzeLinURZN

– Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) July 12, 2018

The Behemoth crossover event was announced a few days ago with a trailer posted for see a preview of the fight. If you missed the initial announcement, you can see the previous trailer, but everyone will have access to the Behemoth fight in early August.


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