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Monster Hunter World gets Moogles and more in Final Fantasy Themed Behemoth Update

The Capcom developers have been pulling out the updates for Monster Hunter World almost as if their lives depended on it (but I'm pretty sure not), giving players all kinds of – Promotional content , wardrobe and new items to collect. Capcom decided to take cross brand promotional efforts a step further by partnering with a similar Japanese publisher, Square Enix. The two Japanese publishing giants have revealed the joint effort of Moogles and other emblematic teams of the franchise Final Fantasy .

The preview of the last [crossover] Final Fantasy was published on the YouTube channel Monster Hunter . It opens with the clbadic "Prelude" by Nobuo Uematsu in its fully orchestrated version, and then shows a crystal and explains that after being attracted by Eetzeyte, Moogle makes an appearance in Monster Hunter World from 2 of August .

The fully orchestrated prelude kicks in when we see some cross-content in action, when the creatures and team of Final Fantasy XIV make an appearance on Monster Hunter World . The main boss featured in the trailer is the Behemoth of Square MMO, which looks powerful and majestic during the battle. He has his powerful legs at his disposal, but he can also ask for a meteor hit to make things harder for hunters.

It's hard not to get goose bumps listening to Umatsu's incomparable theme while all the content is highlighted in the two minute long trailer. We see some of the monsters of Final Fantasy making their way into the desert of Monster Hunter including special appearances of long-time enemies that appear in the Square series, such as the Cactuar. [19659005] The best part of the new content is that it will be part of a free title update for owners of PS4 and Xbox One starting August 2 next month. So you will not have to wait long to see the new hunts, get your hands on the new weapons and armor, and start fighting against some of Square Enix's most recognizable enemies from the popular MMORPG.

I'm almost in shock that we have not seen any Chocobos in the update. It seemed like the perfect way to make players spend money at the cash store.

Almost everyone in the comments section is absolutely enthusiastic about the new armor and armor you can make. The armor, in particular, bears the characteristic style Final Fantasy that looks a lot like the Dragoon gear of the old 16-bit JRPGs that come alive for the current generation.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Capcom will also soon release the game on Steam for PC shortly after the title update on August 9. I wonder if the content of Final Fantasy will make the cut or will it arrive a bit later? I think we'll know next month.

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