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Mysterious woman riding scooter photo-bombs wedding party, sparks viral search: "We love her for that!" – History

FOX NEWS – This photo-bomber has just made its way to viral fame.

Groom Matt Reilly was posing with his groomsmen outside their wedding venue in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, when the group was interrupted by a woman dressed brightly on a Lime motorcycle.

"I love jumping into people's pictures and if I have the opportunity, I take it." There I am thinking to myself: "I'm going to bomb this image", said Kenyatta Jefferson, the bomber, Yahoo Lifestyle. "When she was taking the picture, I approached."

The sponsors of the photo barely had time to understand what was happening when the woman broke the photo, posing for three frames.

"When your wedding is in downtown Omaha during the University World Series, you never really know what might happen," photographer Molly B. Photography wrote on Facebook.

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As soon as the boyfriend and his group realized that they had been bombarded with a photo, they tried to get her to come back and do it again, which made her happy.

"Everyone was saying:" Come back, come back! "So, I turned around them again and they went crazy and trying not to fall", Jefferson, who was exploring the area of ​​the center on her scooter with her husband Eric and Another friend, he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

However, as soon as he made his second loop, he left, leading the photographer, Molly Giangreco, and the groomsmen to start a viral campaign in search of the mysterious girl scooter.

"This woman, having the best time of her life on a scooter, continued to pbad us by – posing for pictures and we LOVE her for that!", Wrote Giangreco on Facebook. "She wanted to see them, so let's see if we can find her sharing."

Giangreco also created a "Find Scoot Girl" hashtag. Fortunately for the party, the hashtag went viral, and in an hour, a friend of Jefferson saw the photo and immediately alerted the woman.

"They were like," What are you doing with these people's wedding party? ", Said Jefferson about his friend's message, informing her about the photo.

Soon after, Reilly and his group could name the face that hilariously ran through their photos. But more than that, Reilly said that it has taken away a great lesson in life.

"From this experience, I think the most important thing is to live in the moment, as cliché as it may seem," he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Giangreco also updated his photo to label Jefferson, and thanked all who could trace it.

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