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New app tracks crawlers on your mobile device

Apple faces new data and user applications, and it's ironic because it's about privacy, Apple has a firm stance that goes way beyond the online giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook. In fact, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has gone so far as to declare that privacy is a human right, shortly before launching an ad focused on the slogan "what happens on your phone stays on your I-phone " So, for the Apple faithful, it's a surprise that there are dozens of trackers that run on their phone and deliver the information they collect during the day and night.

A trial run with a new application called "Disconnect" found that more than 5,400 crawlers had more than 1.5 gigabytes of data in a single week. Even more worrying, it is not clear in the privacy policy of the applications you are using. And what happens with all that private information may not be explained in the end user agreements. Most of the time, it was even difficult to track where the data was going, which opens up the possibility for users of identity theft or data corruption.

The good news is that most of the data blocked by the "Disconnect" application is simply ad tracking information that is free, and some of the data refers to how it interacts with developers that can improve it over time. Most applications that send data do not do it to "spy" you. Still, Apple can have a significant amount of damage control if it's not their privacy as transparent as they thought it would be.

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