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New video in Spider-Man Far from home International trailer – / Movie

Spider-Man International Trailer Far From Home

Do you want to see more of Tom HollandIs Peter Parker going around in international places with his new Stealth suit? Looking forward to seeing better how the loss of Iron Man affects our young hero? Longing for some voice-over action from Jake Gyllenhaal& # 39; S Mysterio?

Sony Pictures has just what you need: a new Spider-Man: away from home trailer, with all that and more. Check out below.

Spider-Man Away from home International trailer

With Tony Stark's Iron Man offstage thanks to his sacrifice at the end of Avengers: end of the gameWho will fill that heroic mentor role for Peter Parker? Happy Hogan seems to have good intentions, but it seems that Peter needs someone with whom he can relate a little more than that. (In addition, Happy will be busy with Aunt May). It will not be the old S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Nick Fury, because as we learned during our visit to the set of this movie, those two characters do not always agree on how the world should work.

That leaves Mysterio, who apparently appeared from a completely different universe. It makes sense on paper: it is the kind of figure of an older brother and has experience as a super powerful and full-fledged hero. And in his conversation with Peter, it makes it look like he may have lost a friend who is fighting crime in his universe.

But is it really Mysterio who says it is? Executive producer Eric Hauserman Carroll He told us on set that "similar to what we did with Mordo in Strange doctorwe wanted to give [Mysterio and Peter] a relationship so that when, if we manage to do something different with Mysterio, it really feels like a betrayal. "So, despite being a villain in the comics, maybe this version of Mysterio is really straight and narrow … Now, anyway.

And then there's that funny joke label at the end, with Flash Thompson (who is obsessed with Spidey) crazed by the idea that Happy Hogan works for Spider-Man, and Happy tries to make the reality of their working relationship very clear . However, it seems that they will need a new transport. Oh, and one more remarkable thing about this video: it confirms that MJ definitely knows Peter's secret identity in this movie, because he is not wearing his mask when she hugs him on that bridge.

If you are interested in this movie, I encourage you to read my detailed coverage of visits, where I learned a lot about what we can expect from this movie.

Here is the mysterious synopsis of the movie:

Following the events of Avengers: end of the gameSpider-Man must act to face new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Spider-Man: away from home swings in theaters in July 2, 2019.

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