Saturday , May 25 2019
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Ødegaard was devastated at the end of the season – in preparation for the Europa League match

Success: After completing the basic chain, one can say that the survival of the Martin Ødegaard loan in Vitesse was successful. Wednesday scored his eighth goal of the season. Photo: Photos / Getty Images

(VVV Venlo – Vitesse 1-3) Martin Ødegaard (20) was named the player of the year in Vitesse this weekend. Responded by providing both goals and goal setting in the final series of the series.

Real Madrid Martin Oddgard He was among the best players in the honorary division of the year. In the stock list based on statistics, ranked fifth, after getting 10 for tonight's match. It ended with an average of 7.84 out of 10.

At the end of the week, he earned a salary for his suffering at the Grand Prix in Vitesse.

On Wednesday, a 20-year-old player filled with confidence entered the De Koel stadium in the last baseball game of the season.

23 minutes: targeted care.

39 minutes: Registration.

SCORET: Martin Ødegaard as did the last Vitesse played against Venlo: Scoret. The 20-year-old has also received sponsorship aimed at achieving goals this time. Photo: Football / Getty Images Europe

The goal was a long shot placed in the lower right corner. Norwegians the eighth contest of the season, care was directed towards his tithes.

This makes Ødegaard just a player for Vitesse II this decade with 10 or more assistants, according to OPTA.

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You must play European qualifications

Finlu fought in the game with Peter van Oijen, but the tie never came, and then Mattos Pero might punish the fight seven minutes before the end.

Thus, Vitesse took fifth place in the honorary league and will begin a playoff to allow him to qualify for the Europa League. Utrecht is waiting for the semifinals.

In other words, the time spent by Odegaard in Vitesse is not yet over, but there is great enthusiasm about where the 20-year-old will play next season.

Real are a small chance, and Vitis is another chance, but Ajax, who is expected to lose more stars this summer, will be interested in signing the former Strømsgodset player.

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March Johnson with an online contest

There were also many Norwegians who were in a battle in the Netherlands tonight.

National striker Bjørn Mars-Johnson scored the goal of AZ from Alkmaar as an alternative to Excelsior, without having much to say to Alkmaar, who is nonetheless ready for the Europa League matches that Odigard and Fétis won.

Jonas Svensson and Frederic Medtso played the whole game from the ground up.

Bjorn Mars Johnson scored Norway's last goal against Sweden on 26 March. Wednesday scored his first goal from AZ to AZ since February. Photo: Bjorn S. Delebeek

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