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People record the accident of Kankaria Ahmedabad. Viral video of fear

Hours after a terrible malfunction on a ride in an amusement park in Ahmedabad caused the death of three people and wounded several others on Sunday, a chilling video of the accident has gone viral on social networks.

The Kankaria Adventure Park trip had about 30 people at the time of the accident and collapsed after a pipeline in the main well broke. The chilling images of the moment are seen in the video while the spectators shuddered with fear after the trip collapsed with the people in it.

The video has gone viral after being available online and seen more than 84,000 times. It's scary

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, netizens became enraged by the authorities involved after watching the video and posting angry comments. "This is just the oversight of internal control, they just focus to make money, this must be investigated and necessary to take action as soon as possible, bad Sunday," reads a comment. Another user wrote: "This is very tragic, break the heart, RIP to those who are no longer there and pray for those who are injured, always avoid sitting on such a dangerous journey."

"Deficient construction, poor periodic inspection / maintenance, etc.", opined the majority of the spectators.

Shortly after the accident, civic officials rushed to the scene, while 28 people were seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital immediately. Three people died as a result of the accident.

Speaking of the accident, MF Dastoor, Fire Director, said: "There are 32 seats on the course that are spinning, the main shaft pipe broke and crashed on the ground, the way the pipe broke is a matter of forensic investigation, Science Laboratory (FSL), "according to the PTI news agency.

A senior civic official told the ANI news agency that the wounded received proper treatment, adding: "The police, together with the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team, will investigate why the march worked, the mechanical reason behind from this".

The official also said that strict measures will be taken against those responsible for the accident.

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